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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions] - 14172_291
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Assignment Questions - 14172_293
4-47. The  law  of  psychological  reciprocity  can  best  be described  by  which  of  the  following  statements? 1. All people have four basic wants and needs in life 2. A  basic  understanding  of  the  psychological aspects  of  behavior  is  important  to  recruiting success 3. If we give our prospects credit for their intelligence, they are mentally and morally bound to give us credit for ours 4. If we give our prospects credit for what they already know about the Navy, we can shorten the interview time 4-48. Which of the following wants are basic to all people? 1. Live and be healthy, love and be loved, feel important, and a little variety 2. Live and love, feel rewarded, be challenged, and  a  little  variety 3. Love and be loved, be needed, have food and shelter 4. Food, shelter, happiness, and security 4-49. When a person’s survival and security needs are met, which of the following needs emerge? 1. Growth 2. Ego 3. Social 4. Professional 4-50. Each person has a different measure of his or her own  growth  needs. 1. True 2. False 4-51. Which of the following qualities must the professional Navy recruiter balance for success? 1. Assertiveness  and  care 2. Drive and empathy 3. Motivation and drive 4. PMA and confidence 4-52. Professional  recruiters  build  their  circle  of  success from  which  of  the  following  ingredients? 1. Product knowledge, selling skills, and selling attitude 2. Selling  skills,  PMA,  and  DBMs 3. The sales script, enthusiasm, and confidence 4. Drive, empathy, and enthusiasm 4-53. A selling attitude includes the recruiter’s attitude about  which  of  the  following  aspects? 1. Themselves 2. Other  people 3. The  job 4. All of the above 4-54. PMA is the result of which of the following characteristics? 1. Confidence  and  enthusiasm 2. Confidence and drive 3. Attitude  and  skills 4. Attitude and enthusiasm 4-55. What  two  factors  contribute  to  a  recruiter’s confidence? 1. Knowing Navy programs and benefits 2. Selling skills and attitudes 3. Knowing  their  product  and  believing  their product will benefit the applicant 4. Knowing how to use sales skills and analyzing successes and failures 4-56. Selling is a step-by-step mechanical procedure. 1. True 2. False 4-57. Select the best definition for blueprinting. 1. Fact-finding,  before  and  during  your interview 2. Finding the applicant’s want, need, and DBM 3. Reviewing  the  applicant’s  enlistment eligibility 4. Asking open-ended questions during the interview  process 4-58. Select the best definition for DBM. 1. The logical reason that will cause your prospect to buy 2. The fulfillment of career goals 3. The number one emotional impulse that will cause  your  prospect  to  buy 4. The logic behind the want and need 4-59. Of  the  following  goals,  which  could  be  considered as a DBM? 1. A new car 2. A job in electronics 3. Financial   security 4. A college degree 24

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