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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14172_292
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Assignment Questions - 14172_294
4-60. What percentage of a buying decision is based on a logical reason? 1. 10  percent 2. 15  percent 3. 20 percent 4. 25 percent 4-61. You ask a prospect what he wants in life. He tells you he wants a secure future. Which of the following  conclusions  should  you  make? 1. Accept that response as the prospect’s want and go on to find his need 2. Tell him that is not quite what you’re looking for 3. Ask what he feels would give him a secure future 4. Forget about the want and build your presentation solely on a secure future 4-62. Prospects sometimes respond with answers they feel are expected instead of their true desires. 1. True 2. False 4-63. What is the purpose of the conversation step of the sale? 1. To get the prospect liking the Navy 2. To get the prospect listening to and liking you 3. To  alleviate  any  concerns  the  prospect  may have 4. To make the prospect want to hear more 4-64. Your first goal in the conversation step should be to  accomplish  which  of  the  following  actions? 1. Set rapport 2. Complete  blueprinting 3. Fill  in  the  prospect  card 4. Make the prospect curious 4-65. Which of the following steps is missed by more sales people than any other? 1. Conversation 2. Curiosity 3. Conviction 4. Desire 4-66. Which of the following purposes is filled by a 4-67. 4-68. 4-69. 4-70. 4-71. verbal  bridge? 1. To provide a smooth flow of conversation from  one  step  to  another 2. To make a clear separation of the steps of the sale 3. To make the prospect hungry to hear more 4. To help the recruiter to memorize the steps Select the verbal bridge used to make the transition  from  conversation  to  curiosity. 1. The reason I mention this, we have a way for you... 2. Based  on  what  you  told  me  and  provided you qualify .,. 3. Obviously  you  have  a  reason... 4. Just supposing for a moment... Of  the  following  verbal  bridges,  which  should NOT be used to transit from curiosity to conviction? 1. Based on what you told me... 2. For  example,.. 3. You mentioned earlier... 4. Which means to you... Which  of  the  following  statements  represents  the best technique for building a benefits package? 1. Only tell the prospect enough to raise his or her  curiosity 2. Tell the prospect every benefit that you can think of relating to his or her DBM 3. Give enough information to prove your supportive  claim 4. Hold back on the best benefits in case you need  them  later What is the purpose of using evidence in a sales presentation? 1. To  increase  rapport 2. To  add  credibility  to  your  words 3. To take the place of the unit of conviction 4. To make the recruiter sound more knowledgeable What  are  the  four  types  of  evidence? 1. RADs,  testimonies,  stories,  and  analogies 2. RADs,  letters,  pictures,  and  pamphlets 3. Letters, pictures, and stories 4. Personal  stories,  testimonies,  and  letters 25

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