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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14172_295
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Assignment Questions - 14172_297
5-12. 5-13. 5-14. 5-15. 5-1. 5-17. When a prospect responds with a no to your treated question, which of the following steps should you take? 1. Close 2. Trial  close 3. Ask what the question is 4. IRON out the objection you have treated The desire step of the sale is designed to fulfill which of the following purposes? 1. Let  prospects  see  themselves  in  the  Navy 2. Let  prospects  feel  more  comfortable  in making a decision 3. Remind prospects of their problems and help them  see  the  advantages  our  proposal  will provide 4. Remind  prospects  of  the  objections  that  have been overcome with evidence If your proposal is correct, which of the following reasons may cause prospects not to buy? 1. They are not aware of their problems 2. They are not sufficiently disturbed by   their 5-18. Of  the  following  problems,  which  is  most  often responsible  for  making  a  recruiter  uncomfortable with  closing? 1. It is apparent that the sales presentation has not  succeeded 2. They are unfamiliar with the five types of closes 3. They are not sure which type of close to use 4.   They cannot appear calm and assumptive 5-19. Any compromise of an EST should be reported through the chain of command to which of the following   officials? 1. EPO 2.   XO 3. TCO 4.    CO 5-20. Used EST answer sheets are maintained on file for what specific period of time? 1. 1 month 2. 2 months 3. 3 months problems 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. They need more information Language that appeals to a prospect’s emotions is called language. 1. sensual 2. emotional 3. concrete 4. clear  cut 4. 4 months 5-21. The ASVAB is a battery of what specific number of  subtests? senses  and 1. 5 2. 10 3. 15 4. 20 5-22. The  Interservice  Recruitment  Committee  (IRC) made  of  which  of  the  following  individuals? is Which  of  the  following  sales  techniques  should  be used  when  procrastination  becomes  the  dominant block to our prospect’s decision making ability? 1. Close 2. Trial  close 3. Weighing close 4. Alternate  proposal Which of the following items should be listed last on the “reasons for enlisting now” side of the weighing close? 1. Want 2. Need 3. Desire 1. MEPS personnel 2. Local recruiting COs 3. RDAC members 4. Test administrators 5-23. Which of the following goals should we strive for in ASVAB testing? 1. Test seniors only 2. Test juniors and seniors 3. Mandatory  testing  of  grades  9  through  12 4. Test as many students as possible in grades 10  through  12 4. DBM 28

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