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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14172_296
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Assignment Questions - 14172_298
5-24. Once recruiters obtain preferred and alternate dates 5-25. 5-26. 5-27. 5-28. 5-29. 5-30. for high school ASVABs, the dates are coordinated with which of the following officials? 1. Chief,  Testing  Management  Section 2. Chief, MEPS Test Control 3. MEPCOM 4. NRD  EDSPEC To ensure test security, which of the following requirements must be met for the ASVAB? 1. 1 proctor for every 25 students 2. 1 proctor for every 40 students 3. 2  full  time  proctors 4. 4  full  time  proctors No recruiting activities are allowed during the administration  of  the  ASVAB. 1. True 2. False The counselor summary of the ASVAB compares scores  to  which  of  the  following  groups? 1. All students of the same grade 2. Students of the opposite sex in the same grade 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. All students who took the ASVAB that year School officials may give special instructions concerning ASVAB results to cover which of the following   restrictions? 1. No recruiter contact from the ASVAB listing 2. No recruiter contact until the end of school 3. No  telephone  solicitations 4. All of the above Immediate  retests  may  be  authorized  for  applicants tested under adverse conditions by which of the following   officials? 1. NRD  CO 2. MEPS  liaison  petty  officer 3. MEPS  testing  chief 4. MEPS commander After one retest, applicants must wait what minimum period of time before testing again? 1. 1 calendar month 2. 6  calendar  months 3. 3 calendar months 4. 4  calendar  months 5-31. 5-32. 5-33. 5-34. 5-35. 5-36. ASVAB scores for ASVABs taken after 3 January 1989 are computed using which of the following equations? 1. 2(VE) + MK + AR 2. 2(VE) + WK + AR 3. W K + P C + A R + M K 4. WK + PC + MK + l/2N0 What  are  the  two  types  of  supplemental  testing  the Navy  uses  for  program  qualification? 1. NFQT and AEF 2. NFQT and DLAB 3. DLAB and PIP 4. DLAB and EST The NFQT is an 80 question examination that applicants  have  what  maximum  time  to  complete? 1. 1 hour 2. 2 hours 3. 30  minutes 4. 45  minutes Retests on the NFQT are authorized under which, if  any,  of  the  following  situations? 1. The applicant was within 5 points of passing 2. The  applicant  completes  further  education 3. The  applicant  was  not  feeling  well 4. None  of  the  above The DLAB is given to all candidates for which of the following programs? 1.    NF 2.  IS 3. CTI 4. CTO Recruiters  complete  a  preliminary  physical screening of all applicants by which of the following  methods? 1. Completing a DD Form 2246 2. Completing  the  SF  88  and  93 3. Conducting  a  visual  screening  of  the applicant 4. Requesting  all  previous  medical  records 29

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