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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14172_303
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Assignment Questions - 14172_305
6-24. The  PATE  sheet  should  be  used  to  accomplish which  of  the  following  functions? 1.    Identify the cause of problems 2.    Identify possible problem areas 3. Identify the weakest recruiter 6-25. Monthly  Planners,  NAVCRUIT  Form  5220/1,  are maintained by which of the following personnel? 1. CR only 2. CR and ZS only 3. CR, ZS, and NF/RZ recruiter 6-26. Which of the following considerations should you make first when preparing your ZS monthly planner? 1. Your personal schedule 2. Your zone’s needs 3. Scheduled   meetings 4. Leave  and  liberty 6-27. Daily production reviews should be conducted at the end of each day or before the start of the next work  day. 1. True 2. False 6-28. The DPR should be conducted in which of the following   formats? 1. One-on-one only 2. No more than two recruiters at a time 3. Simultaneously  for  all  recruiters 4. Any of the above 6-29. Prospect  cards  for  no-show  appointments  that decline  to  reschedule  should  be  checked  for  which of the following documentation? 1. The want and need 2. Complete blueprinting 3, The objection 4. The DBM 6-30. Prospect cards where the recruiter contacted someone  other  than  the  prospect  should  contain which of the following documentation? 6-31. If  an  itinerary  was  conducted,  the  DPR  should include  which  of  the  following  information? 1. A review of each stop 2. An overview of the itinerary 3. A  review  of  productive  stops  only 4. A review of schools visited only 6-32. As you summarize the DPR, which of the following techniques should you use? 1. Provide  general  direction  for  future  activities 2. Provide  precise  direction  for  future  activities 3. Reinforce  what  has  not  been  accomplished 4. Reinforce each negative aspect of the DPR 6-33. Every DPR should end on a positive note to help the  recruiter  maintain  a  positive  self-image. 1. True 2. False 6-34. Which  of  the  following  statements  represents  the philosophy you should follow for ZS production reviews with RINCs? 1. Standardize your DPR for all stations 2. Be  as  detailed  as  possible  with  all  stations 3. Assume RINCs have taken care of all processing  problems 4. Tailor each DPR to the experience and skill level of the RINC 6-35. Which of the following questions should the ZS ask RINCs last in station DPRs? 1. How many contracts are you going to write for  the  month? 2. Can you overship for the zone? 3. What do you need and how can I help you? 4. What are you going to do different tomorrow? 6-36. The PRIDE system is used for which of the following   purposes? 1. Classification 2. Accounting and analysis 3. Communications 4. All of the above 1. Best time to contact the prospect 2. Blueprinting  attempts 3. Referrals  requested 4. All of the above 36

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