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Page Title: CRF Assignment and Management
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Investigation Procedures
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Administrative Actions for CRF Deficiencies/Infractions
conclusions  based  upon  such  facts  been  correctly reached  at  that  time. Fraudulent Enlistment.–  An  enlistment  procured through any deliberate material misrepresentation, omission,  or  concealment  by  a  person  to  the government which, if known at the time, might have resulted in rejection of that applicant. Misconduct.–  Conduct that does not affect the enlistment  qualifications  of  the  applicant,  but  that  is  in violation  of  regulations  of  policy  (for  example, fraternization). ADMINISTRATION  OF  RECRUITING PERSONNEL Due  to  the  unique  assignments  within  the recruiting  environment,  there  are  some  unique administrative  procedures  for  recruiting  personnel. Administration   of   COMNAVCRUITCOM   Military Personnel, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST  1300.3, provides guidance on the assignment and management of CRF personnel, the ADSW/OYR Program, and the administration of 9585 and support personnel. As a member of the CRF community, you should become familiar with this instruction. CRF ASSIGNMENT AND MANAGEMENT CRF members fill key middle management billets. Our  assignments  are  based  on  overall  manning  needs and personal qualifications. The CRF detailer works with the CNRC CMC, Area CMCs, and District CRs to  fill  billets  with  the  best  qualified  individuals.  Each District  submits  a  quarterly  CRF  personnel  status report. This report details the status of all CRF billets (filled   and   vacant)   and   current   RQS   levels   of personnel assigned. The Area reviews and transmits the  report  to  COMNAVCRUITCOM  (Code  11)  on  the first working day of each quarter. Code 11 uses this information  to  liaison  with  the  Bureau  of  Naval Personnel  (BUPERS)  and  ensure  equitable  distribution of personnel. Each  CRF  member  should  submit  a CRF  Duty  Preference  Form,  NAVCRUIT  1306/1, annually or as changes occur. Although every effort is made to meet the member’s request, all assignments are  made  to  meet  the  needs  of  the  Recruiting Command. Zone Supervisor Assignments All  ZSs  should  be  CRF  paygrades  E-7  or  E-8. The  CO  of  the  District  may  address  a  letter  of exception  to  the  Area  requesting  approval  to  assign  a qualified non-CRF member as acting ZS until CRF E-7  or  E-8  personnel  are  available.  The  request  must fully  justify  and  explain  the  rationale  for  such  an assignment. All  personnel  selected  to  fill  a  ZS position must complete the CRF Academy Course at NORU before assignment to the billet. All CRF E-8 personnel will be RQS-qualified for ZS. All CRF E-7 personnel should complete RQS qualification for ZS within  24  months  of  graduation  from  the  CRF Academy.  Once  an  individual  is  board-qualified  as ZS, he or she remains qualified unless qualification is rescinded  as  a  result  of  a  ZS  evaluation  board. Deficiencies  in  completing  qualification  should  receive appropriate  comment  in  performance  evaluations. Relief of Zone Supervisors The CR may request from the CO, NRD to relieve a ZS if the CR loses confidence in the professional ability or determines the lack of support by the ZS. In any case of relief of a ZS, the CO must request a ZS evaluation board from COMNAVCRUITAREA. ZONE   SUPERVISOR   EVALUATION BOARD.–  The  Zone  Supervisor  Evaluation  Board (ZSEB) will consist of the following members: l  Chairman: Area  commander l   Members: Area command master chief Chief  recruiter  (from  an  NRD other  than  where  the  ZS  is assigned) Area   trainer   (must   be   RQS qualified as ZS) ZSEB FINDINGS AND RESULTS.–  Findings and    results    of    the    board    are    forwarded    to COMNAVCRUITCOM, with a copy to the NRD, and will contain one of the following recommendations: l  Retain  as  ZS  with  training  or  counseling  as may   be   specified l Relieve as ZS with recommendation to retain as a RINC or in another capacity, as may be appropriate 3-27

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