Quantcast Identify the Underlying Causes of the Problem

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Page Title: Identify the Underlying Causes of the Problem
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Provide Opportunities for People to Ventilate
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Figure 1-3.Navy Recruiting Command staff organizational chart
this  step  the  same  way  you  would  if  you  were blueprinting  an  applicant. Identify the Underlying Causes of the Problem Be  careful  that  you  don’t  identify  a  symptom  instead of a cause. Dig deep to find out the real reasons. There may be more than one cause contributing to the same problem. You may find this step correlates to smoking out objections during a sales presentation. Develop Appropriate Solutions This may be a simple required action to correct the problem immediately or a plan of action that will require implementation over time. You may need to develop a combination  of  several  actions  for  more  complicated problems. Plan and Make Changes People don’t resist change as much as they resist being changed. If you involve people in your problem solving from the beginning, letting them share in the process,  they  will  most  likely  actively  carry  out  the agreed-upon   changes. Follow Up and Adjust Your Plan Always give your plan time to prove itself, but be flexible enough to refine it, when needed. RECRUITING  COMMAND  ORGANIZATION As a member of the CRF, you have a vital role in support  of  the  recruiting  command  mission.  To understand and fulfill your role, it helps to have the “big picture” and see the overall organizational structure. The following  paragraphs  give  a  brief  description  of  the duties  and  responsibilities  performed  by  individuals  in the recruiting command organization. COMMANDER,  NAVY  RECRUITING  COMMAND HEADQUARTERS The commander has an extensive executive staff as well as six departments at the headquarters. Figure 1-3 shows  how  COMNAVCRUITCOM  headquarters  is organized. Executive Staff The  commander’s  staff  includes  an  executive assistant, aide, flag writer, administrative assistant, command career counselor, and headquarters master chief.  The  deputy  commander,  command  master  chief, inspector general, national recruiting district assistance council  (RDAC)  coordinator,  and  special  assistant  billets are described in the following paragraphs. DEPUTY COMMANDER.–  The  deputy  commander is  the  principal  assistant  and  advisor  to  CNRC  and assumes the responsibilities of the commander in the commander’s  absence. COMMAND   MASTER   CHIEF.–   The   CMC, formerly the force master chief, is the senior enlisted member of the Navy Recruiting Command. The CMC serves  as  the  personal  advisor  to  and  representative  of the commander in personnel welfare, morale, recruiting programs and aids, recruiter conferences, and specific problem  areas  affecting  overall  recruiting  effort. INTEGRITY AND EFFICIENCY/INSPECTOR GENERAL.–   The  inspector  general’s  office  covers quality assurance, internal reviews, and investigative reviews.  The  recruit  quality  assurance  team  and  all congressional correspondence fall under the inspector general’s  purview. RECRUITING   DISTRICT   ASSISTANCE COUNCIL  COORDINATOR.–  The RDAC national coordinator  and  the  RDAC  program  manager  are responsible for coordinating the efforts of the district RDACs. SPECIAL ASSISTANTS.– Special assistants for public  affairs,  financial  management,  minority  affairs, legal affairs, and marketing advise the commander in their respective areas of responsibility. Personnel and Logistics Department (Code 10) Code 10 plans, directs, and coordinates all military and civilian personnel functions for headquarters and the field,  supply  and  constraint  responsibilities,  space acquisition,  leased  vehicle  and  housing  programs, coordination  of  organizational  changes,  and  processing of  all  initial  Navy  commissioning  documents. DIRECTOR, PERSONNEL DIVISION (CODE 11).– Code  11  provides  personnel  management  and support services to headquarters and field activities, 1-10

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