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Page Title: JAG Manual Investigations
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Motor Vehicle Mishap/Incident Reporting and Investigations
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Maintenance of Displays
l    Public  affairs  or  news  media  interests  or ramifications l   When the next situational report is expected, if  applicable JAG  Manual  Investigations A JAG Manual  investigation  should  be  conducted if any of the following conditions apply: The mishap or incident may result in claims against or in favor of the government, A  mishap  resulted  in  a  combined  total  of $1,000  or  more  for  all  DOD  and  non-DOD vehicles and property involved. A traffic ticket or summons has been issued to the federal operator. A  resulting  disabling  injury  or  death  occurred to any party involved. The CO decides an investigation is needed. All commands should have a policy for assigning JAG Manual investigations, such as to the ZS of the recruiter. Procedures  for  conducting  JAG  Manual investigations  are  discussed  in  chapter  9. STATION  OPERATIONS All Career Recruiter Force (CRF) members should be  competent  in  the  basic  operation  of  NRSs.  The following  pages  contain  information  about  displaying your   location,   hours   of   operations,   office   layout, budget input, and security. DISPLAYING  RECRUITER’S LOCATION We are in the marketing business, and keeping our location  in  the  public  eye  makes  good  business  sense. As a supervisor, you should take a few steps to make sure the public knows where the recruiting stations are. Keep   in   mind   that   you   are   fulfilling   two purposes:  showing  that  the  Navy  product  is  available and   advertising   its   location   and   phone   number. Window  cards,  posters,  special  displays,  exhibits,  and directional  signs  are  all  useful  in  displaying  the recruiter’s   location. Window Cards and Posters Window  cards  and  posters  are  a  form  of advertising,  They  communicate  the  benefits  of  service in  the  Navy  to  prospects,  parents,  and  teachers. Window  cards  and  posters  are  distributed  to  recruiting stations  periodically  to  replace  those  already  up  or  to put in new locations. They must carry the address of the NRS in bold print that can be read from a few feet away.  They  should  also  show  the  NRS  telephone number   and   Navy   toll-free   telephone   number (1-800-USA-NAVY), In arranging for new locations or rechecking old locations, you should consider the following  three  criteria. SUITABILITY.– This is a judgement call you will have to make regarding the local reputation of the place  being  considered.  Obviously,  a  place  with  a  bad reputation is not what the Navy has in mind. You are placing the Navy stamp of approval on any place you put up a card or poster the same way that they are approving  of  you. It  won’t  do  the  Navy  or  your recruiting efforts any good if you put up advertising in an establishment that is inappropriate. AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC.– The amount of traffic going by, pedestrian or other, is of key importance, Windows  on  side  streets  are  better  than  nothing,  but try to get on the main streets and get as close as you can to the busiest intersections. PERMISSION  AND  COOPERATION.–  Once you  have  decided  that  there  is  enough  traffic  passing the place being considered and that the establishment is suitable, you are ready to practice public relations for the Navy. Talk with the proprietor, manager, or owner about permitting a card/poster in his or her window.  Make  a  courtesy  call  first,  then  on  the second call have the sign with you and ready to put up.  Another  approach  is  to  make  arrangements  at civic or fraternal club luncheons or meetings, or other functions where the conversation lends itself to asking for this sort of cooperation. Special Displays and Exhibits Because of the cost and special nature of exhibits, special handling and attention to physical security are needed. All exhibits should indicate the location and telephone  number  of  the  local  NRS  as  well  as  the toll-free  telephone  number.  You  can  request  displays and  special  exhibits  from  CNRC  via  your  chain  of command.  You  can  also  “do  it  yourself”  with  the 4-11

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