Quantcast Motor Vehicle Mishap/Incident Reporting and Investigations

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Page Title: Motor Vehicle Mishap/Incident Reporting and Investigations
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Driver Education and Training Program
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
JAG Manual Investigations
involving  Navy  recruiters  has  had  or  may  have  an adverse  impact  on  recruiting  efforts  and  upon  relations with the public. l All motor vehicle operators must immediately report any mishap that they are involved in to the traffic safety coordinator or vehicle coordinator via the chain of command. MOTOR  VEHICLE  MISHAP/INCIDENT REPORTING AND INVESTIGATIONS A motor vehicle mishap is a mishap involving the operation  of  a  DOD  motor  vehicle  involved  in  a collision with other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians; personal  injury  or  property  damage  due  to  cargo shifting   in   a   moving   vehicle;   personal   injury   in moving vehicles or by falling from moving vehicles; and  towing  or  pushing  mishaps.  If  an  improperly parked  vehicle  (for  example,  the  hand  brake  not engaged or transmission not in park) rolls and strikes pedestrians,   objects,   or   vehicles,   the   incident   is considered a mishap. It is also considered a mishap when  an  illegally  parked  vehicle  is  struck  by  another vehicle.  A  vehicle  incident  report  should  be  submitted on  a  motor  vehicle  only  when  the  vehicle  was damaged while it was unoccupied and properly and legally  parked  (not  merely  stopped  in  traffic).  The following  paragraphs  briefly  outline  the  reporting requirements for mishaps and incidents and the criteria for determining when an investigation is warranted. What To Do if You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Mishap Even  the  safest  drivers  may  find  themselves involved in a motor vehicle mishap. First of all don’t panic. Here’s what you should do: l  Take  any  necessary  emergency  action  and notify the police. l  Don’t  sign  or  make  any  statements  about responsibility  except  to  your  supervisor. l Get the facts. Get names and addresses of all persons involved and the extent of injuries, if any. Get names and addresses of all witnesses. Ask each of them to complete a Statement of Witness, SF 94. Study the scene of the accident and fill out Operator’s Report of Motor Vehicle Accident, SF 91. Don’t rely on memory. l  Make  an  immediate  report. call   your supervisor as soon as possible and report the accident to  the  district  vehicle  coordinator.  Obtain  a  state motor vehicle department accident report from the police and submit it as required by local law. Each government  vehicle  should  have  a  full  mishap reporting  kit  in  the  glove  compartment.  It  should contain the following forms: Operator’s  Report  of  Motor  Vehicle  Accident, SF 91. Investigation  Report  of  Motor  Vehicle Accident,   SF   91A,   (Use   this   form   if   the accident damage is estimated to be $500 or more.) Data Bearing upon Scope of Employment of Motor  Vehicle  Operator,  OF  26  (especially important  in  cases  of  third-party  involvement). Federal  Employee’s  Notice  of  Traumatic Injury and Claim, CA 1 (if applicable). Statement  of  Witness,  SF  94. What To Do If You Have an Accident, GSA 1812. l  Submit  all  required  forms,  written  repair estimates, and pictures of the damage to the vehicle coordinator  within  10  calendar  days, Incident Reporting Requirements Incident reports are submitted by the NRD to the Area. The NRD will need the following information from you to complete the report: l  Type  of  incident l Local date, time, and day of week when the incident  occurred l  Location  of  the  incident l  Personnel  involved l  Damages  incurred l Law and investigative agencies notified l Brief narrative including operational impact 4-10

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