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Page Title: Putting it all Together
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Three Questions of Goal Setting
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Stress Management
What Must I Do to Get There? The final goal achievement requires that you meet the following challenges: l     Implement new activities or changes that are necessary to achieve the goal. l    Document  and  analyze  the  results  and progress of these activities or changes. l     Achieve your current goal and establish a new one. PUTTING  IT  ALL  TOGETHER Let’s use what we have learned about goal setting to help a young recruiter with his professional goals. You have just been assigned as ZS. While reviewing Navy  Recruiting  Personnel  Records,  you  find  that BM2 Storm listed his recruiting goal as meritorious advancement. After  taking  with  the  RINC,  you schedule  training  time  for  goal  setting  with  BM2 Storm and the RINC together. Before the training, you gather background information on Petty Officer Storm’s  advancement  eligibility  y  and  production history. You also contact the CR and find out what last  year’s  meritoriously  advanced  recruiters  had accomplished. Now you are ready to meet with BM2 Storm and his RINC. You need to help BM2 Storm answer the three questions  in  goal  setting. Where  do I want  to go?   Petty  Officer  Storm’s answer is, “Meritorious advancement to BM1.” Now apply  the  conditions  for  establishing  a  goal  and defining  activities. l  The  goal  is  specific  and  clearly  defined. . Petty Officer Storm and the RINC agree that the  goal  will  be  challenging  but  attainable. l Petty Officer Storm has written the goal on his Navy  Recruiting  Personnel  Record. .  The  goal  does  not  have  a  time  element  or deadline. At this point you should determine when the goal can reasonably be attained. How long do you have to the end of this year’s competition? Is BM2 Storm within the competitive range for this year or does he need to set his goal for the coming year? For this example, let us assume that it is the beginning of the fiscal year. So we now add the time element to Petty Officer Storm’s goal: Meritorious advancement in  FY  XX. l The goal does not include a means to measure ongoing results. You should help here by letting them know   what   last   year’s   meritoriously   advanced personnel   accomplished.   Then   divide   the accomplishment  into  measurable  amounts.  In  this case, let’s say the recruiters who were meritoriously advanced  last  year  averaged  3.5  contracts  per  month and  had  70  percent  overall  A  cells.  Petty  Officer Storm’s  goal  now  becomes:  “I  will  be  meritoriously advanced at the end of this fiscal year by averaging 3.5 contracts per month and maintaining 70 percent overall A cells.” l The most important condition is making sure Petty Officer Storm is personally committed to this goal. He assures you that this is the case. Where am I now? Ask BM2 Storm what present activities are working in favor of reaching his goal. Ask the RINC to provide input. Help point out areas that  are  already  helpful  in  attaining  the  goal  of meritorious  advancement  (completed  basic  eligibility advancement  requirements,  passed,  but  not  advanced [PNA’d]   the   last   advancement   examination,   met competition eligibility requirements, currently averaging 2.8 contracts per month and maintaining 65 percent overall A cells). What must I do to get there?  First,  ask  Petty Officer Storm what new activities or changes he plans to achieve the goal. You and the RINC may have to help with suggestions. The final plan must be Petty Officer  Storm’s.  After  careful  consideration,  he  plans to do the following: Add  the  junior  college  to  his  itinerary  and preprospect it heavily. This will help quantity as well as quality. Receive  training  on  the  conviction  step  of  the sale  to  increase  the  number  of  contracts  from interviews  held. Develop  one  new  center  of  influence  (COI) each   month   to   increase   the   number   of referrals. 3-11

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