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Page Title: Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
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Driver Education and Training Program
an  allowance  of  four  recruiters  should  have  three vehicles   assigned. If manning is inconsistent with allowance,  adjustments  need  to  be  made. MAINTENANCE Each operator is responsible for maintaining the government  vehicle  he  or  she  is  operating.  The  RINC will  have  overall  responsibility  for  all  vehicles assigned to the NRS. Scheduled maintenance should be accomplished in a timely manner and care should be taken during vehicle inspections to identify any unscheduled repairs or services that are required. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance The   GSA   sends   a   Motor   Vehicle   Service Authorization,  GSA  Form  3478,  to  district  vehicle coordinators  for  each  vehicle  requiring  scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance includes such services   as   oil   change,   lube,   and   tune-ups.   The district vehicle coordinator forwards the form to the vehicle   operator responsible  for  having  the maintenance  performed. You  have  5  working  days after  receipt  of  this  form  to  have  the  scheduled maintenance  completed. Unscheduled  Repairs If  you  find  your vehicle   needs   repair   or unscheduled maintenance that cannot be completed within  the  $50  credit  card  limit  or  the  repair  or maintenance  is  listed  as  a  prohibited  credit  card purchase, obtain approval from the GSA maintenance control  center.  Notify  the  vehicle  coordinator  who will either call for the authorization or give you the appropriate number. The vehicle coordinator may also give you a preferred repair shop that has an informal agreement with GSA. After normal working hours, call  the  fleet  manager  at  the  number  listed  in  the vehicle  operator’s  manual  for  instructions.  If  you  are unable  to  reach  the  fleet  manager,  use  your  best judgement  and  document  your  actions.  If  commercial repairs are done, you must call the GSA maintenance control  center  the  next  workday  to  get  authorization. If  repairs  are  performed  at  a  commercial establishment, make sure the following information is given on the invoice: the class and tag number of the vehicle involved, current odometer reading, date the service  is  performed,  purchase  order  number  furnished by  the  maintenance  control  center,  type  of  service performed with the amount indicated for each service, and total. The driver should sign the invoice and send it  to  the  address  provided  by  GSA  or  the  vehicle coordinator. Be  sure  to  submit  the  invoices  in  a timely manner, as the NRD is liable for interest on late  payments. Government  Credit  Card A  U.S.  Government  Credit  Card,  SF  149,  is furnished  with  each  vehicle. You  must  use  tight security  over  these  credit  cards. They  should  be accounted  for  at  all  times  and  never  be  left  in  an unattended vehicle. Upon the completion of a trip and at the end of each workday, credit cards should be removed  from  the  vehicles  and  placed  in  a  secure location. AUTHORIZED PURCHASES.– Use of the credit card  is  limited  to  the  following  items  for  GSA vehicles: unleaded  gasoline,  gasohol,  diesel  fuel, regular grade lubricating oil, tire repairs, washing of vehicle, and emergency replacement of defective fan belts, windshield wiper arms and blades, lamps, and radiator  coolants. Under no circumstances should repairs  in  excess  of  $50  be  made  without  prior approval of the local GSA motor pool. UNAUTHORIZED  PURCHASES.–  Procurement of  the  following  items  with  a  credit  card  is  not authorized:  waxes  and  polishes,  storage  and  parking, tires and tubes, batteries, routine repairs, or any item for personal use such as air freshener or cigarettes. CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTABILITY.– On all purchases,  the  vehicle  operator  should  make  sure  the number of gallons, price per gallon, value of purchase, vehicle tag number, mileage, and driver’s signature are on the driver’s copy of the receipt. The purchase must be entered on the vehicle log and copies of all credit  card  purchase  receipts  must  be  forwarded monthly with the vehicle log to the district vehicle coordinator. Lost  or  stolen  credit  cards  must  be reported  immediately  to  the  NRD  traffic  coordinator. SAFETY  STAND-DOWN A  vehicle  safety  stand-down  should  be  conducted each quarter on a zonewide basis. Each stand-down should be 2 hours in duration and should normally be held  in  conjunction  with  the  scheduled  zone  meeting. ZSs  should  submit  a  report  of  completion  of  this training   to   the   traffic   safety   coordinator.   The 4-8

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