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Page Title: Time Management
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Interviewing Potential Attrites
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Avoid Super-Rincing
MINI-DEP  EVENTS.–  Almost any outing can become  a  productive  mini-DEP  event.  Ball  games with  other  DEP  pools  (Navy  or  other  service)  can build team concepts and foster camaraderie. Potlucks, picnics, and pizza parties all provide an opportunity to reinforce  team  and  family  values  important  to  the Navy. The recruiter sponsoring the mini-DEP event may  file  an  OPE  claim  for  reimbursement  of  food items purchased. The claim must be submitted with a copy of the mini-DEP event request and approval form as justification for exceeding the normal OPE limit. Mini-DEP events are limited to a total cost of $75 per event and must be approved in advance by the NRD CO. TIME   MANAGEMENT No chapter on management systems could leave out the subject of time management. As mentioned earlier,  time  is  one  of  our  most  valuable  assets. Managing your time in the recruiting environment can be  even  more  challenging  than  other  supervisory positions due to the geographical area to be covered and the diverse background of personnel assigned. Another challenge faced by recruiting supervisors is training  our  recruiters  to  make  the  wisest  choices  for the  use  of  their  time. We  must  make  sure  our recruiters understand that time is a very large factor in all  work.  The  management  of  time  greatly  affects  our quality of life. An author going by the single name Seneca wrote, “We are always complaining that the days are few, and acting as though there would be no end  to  them.” Getting  control  of  the  timing  and content of what you do is the goal of effective time management. C – Less important tasks that are not urgent and can be  done  at  your  leisure. The idea of the ABC method is to divide tasks and tackle them by priority. Get right to the A tasks. Once they are completed, start on the B list. If you still have time left over, handle a few of the items on your C list. This way you will get the most important jobs done first. Recruiting  ABCs The ABC method of time management adapts well to  recruiting  life. The  recruiter  needs  to  plan prospecting, processing, and time off for revitalization. Initially,  prospecting  is  on  the  A  list,  processing  is  on the B list, and time off is on the C list. A  –  Prospecting B – Processing C – Time Off Train  recruiters  to  understand  that  as  the  A priority is accomplished, it moves to the bottom of the list in the C position and the other two move up one step. When prospecting is accomplished it becomes a  C.  Processing  becomes  our  new  A  priority,  with time off now in the B position. A  –  Processing B – Time off C  –  Prospecting THE  ABCs  OF  TIME  MANAGEMENT The  ABCs  of  time  management  refer  to  the prioritizing  of  tasks  to  ensure  the  most  important  get the  first  attention.  We’ll  look  first  at  the  original ABCs of time management and then look at a version just  for  recruiting. When processing is accomplished, time off takes on  the  A  priority  with  prospecting  and  processing following. A–  Time  off B – Prospecting Original ABCs of Time Management C  –  Processing The   original   version   of   the   ABCs   of   time management prioritizes all tasks into three groups: A – The highest priority includes important and urgent tasks that must be done immediately. B – Priority items that must get done soon. After  the  recruiter  has  enjoyed  time  off,  the  ABC list  returns  to  the  original  order.  This  model  is simplistic, but realistically shows the recruiter that prospecting must happen first so we have someone to process, and there is a way for time off to take on top priority. It also shows that recruiting is an ongoing 8-20

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