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Page Title: Unit of Conviction
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Figure 6-9.-Verbal bridges in the sales process
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
The Subtle Signals
“Provided you qualify. . .” Unit of Conviction Next, you will develop your unit of conviction to help the prospect justify buying your proposal. A unit of conviction is made up of a supportive claim, a fact, a benefit package, and the buyer’s emotional benefit all tied  together  with  verbal  bridges. l  Supportive  claim.  The  supportive  claim  starts with “You will” or “You can” followed by attainment of  the  want  or  need.  For  example,  “You  will  get  to travel. . .”  or  “You  can  get  a  college  degree.  .  .”  are both  supportive  claims  that  will  be  expounded  on. When  possible,  the  supportive  claim  should  be  built  on the want. If the prospect has his or her want, the need becomes  immaterial. BRIDGE: Because. . . l Fact. This step of conviction is used to state a short fact that will be further explained in the benefits package.  For  example,  “.  . the Navy is a great place to start, . .” or “. .  the Navy is a worldwide organization. . .”  could be used for facts. BRIDGE: Which means to you. . . l  Benefits  package,  Now  we  are the   real   meat   of   the   presentation. information to prove your supportive narrowing  down  the  benefits  to  four  or ready to get to Give  enough claim.  Usually, five main ideas will   be   most   effective.   You   want   to   give   enough information to help the prospects justify buying but not so much that you overwhelm them. Make sure each of the   benefits   that   you   expound   on   relates   to   the prospect’s  want  or  need  that  you  have  used  in  the supportive  claim. BRIDGE: And the real benefit to you. . . l  Buyer’s  emotional  benefit.  At  this  point  you want to tie it all together by letting them know with the Navy’s  benefits  they  will  be  able  to  realize  their  DBM. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of units of conviction. “Dustin,  based  on  what  you’ve  told  me  and provided you qualify, you will get to travel  because the Navy  is  a  worldwide  organization;  which means to you that you will start your travel from the first day of your active   duty   by   traveling   to   the   Recruit   Training Command in Orlando, Florida; San Diego, California; or  Great  Lakes,  Illinois.  After  that  you’ll  receive training at one of the fine naval training centers located across the United States. It won’t stop there, Dustin. Our  ships  visit  foreign  ports  most  people  only  read about  and  we  have  Navy  duty  stations  around  the world. Also, you’ll have the benefits of being able to use  our  Navy  travel  services  for  reduced  airfare  on commercial flights or flying free on military aircraft This map shows all the countries I have visited while I’ve been in the Navy and that postcard next to it is from a young man who graduated from high school last year and is now stationed right there in Hawaii. And the real  benefit  to  you  is  that  with  the  travel  and  pay benefits in the Navy you will have the variety in life you said was so important to you.” “Daniel,  based  on  what  you’ve  told  me  and provided you qualifv, you will get that direction in life you are looking for because the Navy provides guidance throughout your career which means to you that starting with your visit to the Military Entrance and Processing Station, the Navy’s classifier will sit down with you and find you a career field based on the potential you have shown  on  the  Armed  Service  Vocational  Aptitude Battery  and  your  own  desires.  Not  everyone  gets  a chance to see where their best potential really is before deciding on an occupation. I will continue that guidance while you are here in delayed entry. I’11 make sure you are  thoroughly  prepared  for  recruit  training.  In  recruit training,  professional  petty  officers  will  indoctrinate  you on the Navy way of life so when you report to your first  command,  you’ll  have  a  good  idea  of  how  the Navy works. During your training period, some of the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians in the world will provide further direction by teaching you the intricacies of the career field you have chosen based on the classifier’s advice. Throughout your Navy career, direction  and  guidance  will  be  provided.  We  have career counselors assigned to every Navy duty station whose job is to make sure you have the best advice possible about career, training, and education decisions. Let me show you an article from our local paper. This is a picture of Johnny Jones. He joined the Navy last year. He had no idea what he wanted to do for a career until  he  had  the  chance  to  sit  down  with  the  Navy classifier and find out where his potential was. He was surprised to find that he had an aptitude for mechanical jobs  and  this  article  proves  that  was  true.  He  was meritoriously  promoted  at  his  first  command  for  being one of the top Aviation Machinist Mates on board,  And the real benefit to you, Daniel, is that once you have 6-28

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