Quantcast Enlisted Rating/Navy Enlisted Classification Primary Advisor

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Page Title: Enlisted Rating/Navy Enlisted Classification Primary Advisor
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Manpower Managers and Advisors
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Navy Standard Workweeks
Annually   review   all   authorized   billets   and positions to make sure manpower requirements within CNO   policy   constraints   are   correctly   stated. Recommend changes to the manpower claimant via the chain  of  command. Before  requesting  an  increase  in  manpower resources  because  of  changes  in  tasks  or  increased workload,  analyze  all  manpower  requirements  (military and  civilian)  and  the  billets  and  positions  authorized. Minimize the   number   of   manpower authorization  change  requests  by  proper  planning, annual billet and position reviews, and consolidation of desired  manpower  changes. Make sure the change requests are submitted sufficient yin advance of the requested effective date of change, to permit adequate time for review at the various levels   of   the   chain   of   command,   for   thorough consideration by CNO/CHNAVPERS and for orderly response  by  personnel  distribution  authorities.  Due  to fiscal  constraints,  rotational  patterns,  training  support, and  deployment  schedules  in  the  case  of  ships  and squadrons, actual manning of newly authorized billets may not be satisfied in less than 9 to 12 months from date  of  approval. Make sure each requested action is complete and accurate   and   includes   necessary   mobilization requirements. Make  sure  complete  justification  is  provided  for each request for revision. ENLISTED RATING/NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION  ADVISOR To aid the CNO and CHNAVPERS in executing their   responsibilities   on   enlisted   manpower   and personnel, enlisted rating advisors are designated from among   the   DC   NOs,   commanders   of   systems commands, and heads of other offices as required. Each rating  and  Navy  Enlisted  Classifictition  (NEC)  code  are assigned a primary advisor and, if necessary, a technical advisor to provide operational and technical expertise in the occupational areas in which a rating is involved. ENLISTED RATING/NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION  PRIMARY  ADVISOR The enlisted rating/NEC primary advisor is that command or office having primary responsibility y for the functional or mission area within which a rating/NEC is principally employed. When necessary, this may be shared responsibility with another primary adviser. The primary advisor is concerned with all aspects of the rating  and  associated  NECs.  The  enlisted  rating/NEC primary advisor also does the following: Provides  guidance  concerning  functional  and mission use of personnel. Provides  guidance  on  the  career  progression  for each  rating  and  those  NECs  having  career  progression. Provides  guidance  on  basic  and  advanced training   for   the   rating.   Advises   the   sponsors, CHNAVPERS,  and  Chief  of  Naval  Education  and Training  (CNET)  about  training  requirements. Remains  informed  of  and  provides  advice  on billet authorizations for the rating and the impact of major  programs  on  the  rating  structure.  Recommends compensation to correct grade structure imbalances and review  billet  changes  when  appropriate. Participates  in  the  development  of,  provides advice   on,   and   approves   technical   changes   to occupational standards applicable to enlisted ratings and paygrades. Reviews  task  analysis  reports  pertaining  to sponsored  ratings.  Begins  management  action  to  correct identified   deficiencies. Determines, plans for, and supports rating and NEC requirements for systems under development and for planned major changes to existing systems. Provides technical advice and assistance to the military manpower claimants and resource sponsors about   peacetime   and   mobilization   manpower requirements  for  activities  that  the  enlisted  rating primary  advisor  has  functional  interest. ENLISTED RATING/NAVY ENLISTED CLASSIFICATION  TECHNICAL  ADVISOR The  enlisted  rating/NEC  technical  advisor  is  that command or office responsible for the technical areas in which a rating or NEC is principally involved. The technical  advisor  is  concerned  with  manpower/weapons system  relationships,  development  of  occupational standards, and training requirements related to technical aspects of the rating or NEC. The enlisted rating/NEC technical  advisor  also  does  the  following: provides recommendations on rating and NEC requirements for systems under development and for planned major changes to existing systems 5-6

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