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Page Title: Limited Duty Reevaluations
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Limited Duty Assignment Policy
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Humanitarian Reassignment
the reevaluation date (3 months before Estimated Date Loss  Navy  [EDLN]).  CHNAVPERS  establishes  EDLN upon approval of L-5 status. A LIMDU designator is assigned unless the member has less than 6 months remaining. LIMITED  DUTY  REEVALUATIONS Sound  personnel  management  requires  timely medical  reevaluation  of  members  assigned  to  LIMDU as well as prompt notification to responsible personnel authorities in case of delays. Each component of the LIMDU   reevaluation   system   (the   member,   the member’s parent command, the servicing personnel support  detachment  [PERSUPPDET]  or  personnel office, and the responsible naval medical treatment facility)  must  assist  in  making  sure  the  medical reevaluation  is  promptly  completed,  and  the  required reports  are  promptly  processed.  See  chapter  27  of  the ENLTRANSMAN  for  further  information. Members’  Responsibility Members   assigned   to responsible   for   following LIMDU   are   personally medical  advice  on  their rehabilitation  during  the  LIMDU  period;  making  sure follow-up  care  is  received;  participating  in  physical therapy  when  prescribed;  making  sure  timely reevaluation takes place no later than 60 days before expiration of the LIMDU period; and advising their parent command, the PERSUPPDET, or the personnel office  LIMDU  coordinator  of  changes  in  their  LIMDU status. Member’s Parent Command Responsibility The member’s parent command must make sure LIMDU  personnel  remain  in  close  proximity  to  the naval medical treatment facility to receive follow-up care  and  reevaluation.  The  command  also  must  make sure the member reports for a reevaluation appointment and to the servicing PERSUPPDET or personnel office immediately  following  the  reevaluation  appointment  for LIMDU  update  and  submission  of  the  availability report,  if  indicated.  The  command  also  investigates instances where the member fails to report for scheduled reevaluations,  initiates  disciplinary  action  when  needed, and  advises  the  servicing  PERSUPPDET  or  personnel office  and  responsible  naval  medical  treatment  facility of the circumstances. Personnel Support Activity Detachment or Personnel  Office  Responsibility The  PERSUPPDET  or  personnel  office  designates a LIMDU coordinator or establishes a LIMDU section. If  assigned  as  the  coordinator,  you  must  request reevaluation  appointments  from  the  responsible  naval medical  treatment  facility  via  NAVGRAM  or  message no later than 90 days before expiration of the LIMDU period. You also must notify each individual of the LIMDU  reevaluation  appointment  by  letter  via  his  or her  CO.  Make  sure  personnel  report  immediately following the reevaluation appointment for LIMDU update and submit the availability report if indicated. Source Data System (SDS) users enter the appropriate Transient  Tracking  Code  (TTC)  via  the  M93  event  on all personnel gained or changed to a LIMDU status (ACC 105) or permanent LIMDU (L-4/L-5) (ACC 100). Responsible  Naval  Medical  Treatment Facility’s  Responsibility The responsible naval medical treatment facility establishes  a  single  point  of  contact  to  coordinate  and schedule LIMDU reevaluations. The treatment facility schedules reevaluations no later than 60 days before expiration  of  the  member’s  LIMDU  period;  provides  the servicing   PERSUPPDET   or   personnel   office   with requested  reevaluation  appointments  by  NAVGRAM  or message within 10 working days from receipt of the request  for  reevaluation;  provides  complete  justification should a reevaluation appointment not be scheduled at least  60  days  before  the  expiration  of  the  LIMDU period;  and  completes  the  reevaluation  no  later  than  60 days before the expiration of the LIMDU to make sure one of the following actions is completed before the end of  member’s  PRD  month: Submission of an availability report if found fit for full duty Extension of initial 6-month LIMDU period by an entry in the member’s health record, if appropriate Completion  of  medical  board  processing  and sending for departmental review/physical evaluation board  action You should establish local procedures to make sure the health record is immediately delivered to the patient administration   department   who   will   advise CHNAVPERS, the member’s parent command, and the servicing  PERSUPPDET  or  personnel  office  of  the extension  of  the  member’s  initial  6-month  LIMDU period  and  PRD  adjustment. 2-7

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