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Page Title: Navy Mutual Aid Assocation
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NAVY MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION The Navy Mutual Aid Association is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, voluntary membership association of sea service personnel. Although family members cannot join the association, Navy Mutual Aid directly benefits them by providing substantial monetary sums through low-cost  insurance  plans  to  designated  survivors  of members. It maintains facilities and staff at the Navy Annex in  Washington,  DC,  to  help  families  of  deceased members  secure  federal  benefits  and  allowances  to which they are entitled and to settle insurance claims for all other insurers. In case of an unfaborable decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs against a member’s survivors,  Navy  Mutual  Aid  will  provide  an  accredited representative  to  assist  in  an  appeal  and  follow  through until  an  equitable  decision  has  been  made. The association provides secure storage space at its headquarters  for  the  safekeeping  of  vital  personal documents  for  ready  reference  by  members  and  to facilitate the processing of survivor claims. Other than the cost of membership insurance plans, there is no additional charge for services or representation made by the association for the member or family. Officers   and   enlisted   personnel,   Regular   or Reserve, of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, and  officers  of  the  U.S.  Public  Health  Service  and National  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric  Administration  may apply for membership at any time while serving on active duty. Membership privileges are not affected by subsequent  separation  or  retirement  from  active  duty. For further information, write to Navy Mutual Aid Association,   Arlington   Annex,   Room   G-070, Washington,  DC  20370-0001. FLEET  RESERVE  ASSOCIATION The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) was born out of  the  need  for  an  organization  to  protect  the  pay  and benefits of enlisted personnel. The founders of the FRA were  the  first  enlisted  men  ever  to  testify  before  a congressional committee. For decades, the FRA has continued  its  mission  to  protect  the  pay,  benefits,  and entitlement  of  sea  service  personnel  and  their  families on Capitol Hill. The FRA also helps with individual career  problems  by  maintaining  close  liaison  with  the DOD,  service  headquarters,  and  other  government departments  and  agencies. The FRA continues to move forward with initiatives that  provide  information,  recognition,  and  support  for active duty personnel and their families. Through a legislative  seminar  program  conducted  on  board  ships and at military bases across the country, the FRA stresses the importance of staying informed on the issues, voting, writing to elected officials, and the value of grass roots lobbying  efforts.  The  FRAs  Sound  Off  to  Congress program  is  a  forum  for  active  duty  personnel, ombudsmen,  and  spouses  to  voice  their  needs  and concerns  to  Congress,  military  leaders,  and  DOD officials. The  association  publishes  a  free  monthly  magazine, On Watch,  that focuses on active duty legislative issues, career  information  and  policies,  and  items  of  interest  to families.  Each  issue  includes  messages  from  each  of  the senior enlisted representatives of the sea service and interviews  with  other  key  military  leaders  and ombudsmen. Membership in the FRA is open to active duty, Reserve, and retired enlisted personnel of the U.S. Navy, Marine  Corps,  and  Coast  Guard.  Commissioned  officers of  the  sea  services  with  1  day  of  prior  enlisted  service are also eligible for membership. Spouses may join the FRA’s Ladies Auxiliary. For more information on the FRA, write to 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2754. THE NATIONAL MILITARY FAMILY ASSOCIATION The National Military Family Association (NMFA) is  a  volunteer,  nonpartisan,  nonprofit  organization  that educates military families about their rights and benefits and monitors policies to improve their quality of life. The NMFA also informs policy makers in Congress and the DOD about the unique aspects of military life and the needs of military families. The   NMFA   has   representatives   in   military communities  around  the  world.  These  representatives directly   link   military   families   with   association volunteers  in  Washington,  DC.  The  NMFA  issues include health care, spouse employment, relocation, housing,  education,  child  care,  retirement,  survivor benefits, and compensation of permanent change of station (PCS) moves. Association  membership  is  open  to  active  duty, Reserve  component,  and  retired  military  personnel  and family members of all uniformed services. There is a yearly membership fee. 6-5

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