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Page Title: Results of Navywide Advancement Examinations
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Forwarding Advancement Examination Returns
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Withdrawal of Recommendation/Recommended in Error/Declination of Advancement/Previously Advanced
Copies of reports of destruction and receipts for transfer of examinations must be kept on file for 2 years as   an   official   record.   Destruction   reports   for military/leadership,  apprentice,  and  performance  tests are not required by NETPMSA. RESULTS OF NAVYWIDE ADVANCEMENT EXAMINATIONS The Navywide advancement examination results for   personnel   on   active   duty,   including TAR/ADSW/OYR  and  CANREC  personnel,  are  issued as  follows. Petty Officer Third Class Through Petty Officer  First  Class NETPMSA  issues  examination  results  and advancement  authority  to  individual  commands  by Examination  Status  Verification  Report  (ESVR),  Rating Change Authorization (RCA), Data Mailer, message, or letter. After receipt of the results of examination and final check to confirm all requirements have been met and all information is correct, the CO is vested with independent authority to advance members to paygrades E-4  through  E-6. Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer, and Master Chief Petty Officer For   E-7   candidates,   NETPMSA   provides examination   results   announcing   Selection   Board Eligible,   Selection   Board   Ineligible,   Fail,   or Discrepancy Status as soon as possible after processing returns.  For  E-8  and  E-9  candidates,  NETPMSA provides  ESVR,  listing  candidates  as  Selection  Board Eligible or Discrepancy as soon as possible after receipt of  the  validation  answer  sheets.  After  the  E-7  and  E-8/9 selection boards adjourn, a NAVADMIN announces the names of selectees. The NETPMSA advancement letter sent  with  the  initial  RCA  listing  first  segment  advances and the ESVR listing second segment selectees and nonselectees contains advancement authority. If the member is otherwise qualified, the CO may effect an advancement  to  paygrades  E-7  through  E-9  only  after receipt  of  promotion  authorization  from  NETPMSA. Publication and Verification of Navywide Advancement  Examination  Results If there are no changes authorized for a command in a given month, no RCA is issued for that month. The effective date of advancement is indicated in the heading of each part of the authorization listing and is the date on which a listed member is normally advanced. The   ESVR   contains   examination   results   and multiple factors for all candidates not listed on the RCA who  participated  in  the  advancement  examinations. After initial publication of examination results, straggler returns, correction to discrepancies, and so on, are  published  either  by  a  supplemental  RCA/ESVR  or on an individual basis by a Data Mailer. The Data Mailer is  a  fast,  accurate  computer-generated  response  to inquiries and corrections received by NETPMSA and provides  a  complete  and  up-to-date  status  of  the candidate  involved.  Under  special  conditions, advancement  notifications  may  be  issued  by  message, NAVGRAM,  or  letter. COMMAND ACTION ON RECEIPT OF EXAMINATION  RESULTS On  receipt  of  the  examination  results  from NETPMSA,  activities  must  first  review  the  eligibility  of all personnel listed and verify all multiple factors of all candidates.  After  review  of  eligibility,  actions  listed  in the  following  paragraphs  and  in  BUPERSINST 1430.16D  should  be  taken. Personnel Not Known by the Activity Report the names of personnel not known by the activity  to  NETPMSA  by  NAVGRAM  immediately. Examination Results Not Provided Commands   receiving   personnel   who   are advancement  candidates  in  any  current  advancement cycle must communicate with the member’s previous duty station when entries or proper documentation required  is  not  in  the  member’s  service  record.  A  copy of  correspondence  should  be  sent  to  NETPMSA. When requesting status on candidates whose names do not appear on the RCAs or ESVR, NETPMSA should be  provided  with  the  following  information: Candidate’s full name Social security number Present rate Examination  rate Examination  serial  number Location of examining board 3-17

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