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Page Title: Signature in Service Records
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Enlisted and Officer Service Records
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Control and Accountability
complete and contains information pertinent to the officer’s  career. Adverse matter should not be filed in the service record without first giving the officer an opportunity to review the material and submit a statement on it. If the officer reported on chooses to make no statement, that intention should be indicated in writing either by the officer’s  signed  and  dated  declination  or  the  expiration of  a  stated  period  that  the  officer  has  to  submit  a statement  after  having  been  advised. MAKING ENTRIES IN THE SERVICE RECORDS The accuracy and completeness of service record entries  for  both  officer  and  enlisted  personnel  are important to the CO in personnel administration. They also  are  important  to  the  members  during  their  naval careers and after separation. Make all officer and enlisted service record entries on the date of occurrence. In case of enlisted personnel, file all service record pages in sequence with lowest numbered page at the bottom. For officer service record pages,   follow   instructions   in   the   MILPERSMAN, Article  5030160. For administrative convenience, frequently used pages may be placed on top provided they are properly arranged before transfer or closing of the record. Due to the  volume  of  entries,  certain  pages  of  the  enlisted service  record  may  require  additional  pages.  These pages have a box alongside the page number. When these pages are prepared, they should be numbered in consecutive order beginning with the first page. Enlisted  service  record  entries  should  be  prepared only  on  the  proper  form;  for  example,  NAVPERS 1070/601,  Immediate  Reenlistment  Contract,  page  1;  or NAVPERS  1070/605,  History  of  Assignments,  page  5. The   forms   should   be   procured   from   the   normal publication supply centers and should not be reproduced locally.   Certain   common   entries   required simultaneously for a large number of members may be reproduced. SIGNATURES IN SERVICE RECORDS Signatures in service records are required to make sure entries are made by proper authority and the records are  properly  maintained.  Signatures  are  made  in permanent black or blue-black ink. Care must be taken to make sure signatures or initials are legible on all copies. 1-14 The following specified persons are required and authorized to sign or initial entries on service record pages at the time and in the manner described in the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030100, or other directives for completing enlisted service record pages. The rank, rate, grade, and title of the person signing the service record page must be typed below the signature or in an appropriate  space. The  CO  or  executive  officer,  and  other commissioned  officers  specifically  designated  in writing by the CO, may sign or initial all service record pages. When specifically designated in writing by the CO, a master chief, senior chief, chief petty officer, petty officer first class, or a civilian may sign or initial all service  record  pages  except  pages  1  (DD  Form  4, Enlistment/Reenlistment  Agreement-Armed  Forces  of the  United  States  or  NAVPERS  1070/601,  Immediate Reenlistment   Contract).   EXCEPTION:   Signature authority for DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, is limited to chief petty officers and civilians GS-7 and above. COs or officers in  charge  of  separation  activities  may  authorize  E-5s  or GS-5s or above to sign the DD 214, if so designated in writing. For commands serviced by a PASS, the authority for  the  administration  and  maintenance  of  personnel service  records  and  attendant  reporting  of  changes should reside with the CO, OIC, petty officer in charge, or director of the PERSUPPACT or PERSUPPDET. Authority to sign service record entries must not be delegated  below  petty  officer  first  class.  The  granting  of By Direction authority from each unit CO serviced by a PASS office is not required. At the discretion of the CO, facsimile signatures may be used for entries on the page 4 and accumulative entries on page 13. They should not be used on any other page of the service record. Both the original and a carbon copy should be stamped with the facsimile. The MILPERSMAN, Articles 5030100, 5030120, 5030130, 5030131, 5030140, 5030141, 5030160, and 5030200, contain information on officer and enlisted service  records. IDENTIFICATION CARDS ISSUING ACTIVITIES Only authorized issuing activities issue the Armed Forces Identification Card, DD Form 2N (ACT and RES),   the   United   States   Uniformed   Service

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