Quantcast Withdrawals, Failures, Reimbursement, and Incompletes

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Page Title: Withdrawals, Failures, Reimbursement, and Incompletes
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Figure 3-2.–Tuition Assistance Authorization, NAVEDTRA 1560/5
Personnelman 1 & C - Military manual for government personnel administration
Total Active Federal Military Service
one(s)  approved,  the  new  course(s)  must  be  acceptable as  part  of  the  applicant’s  planned  education  goal previously  approved  by  a  Navy  Campus  education specialist. TA is not normally approved after the end of the institution’s   late   registration   deadline.   However, waivers  for  late  approval  may  be  requested  under circumstances other than failure of the applicant to know or   follow   established   procedures   and   when   such circumstances   are   unforeseeable   and   beyond   the applicant’s  control.  Waiver  requests  must  be  received within 90 days of course completion. An applicant’s waiver request must be in writing and fully describe the circumstances that justify waiver approval. The waiver request  must  include  a  command-approved  special request/authorization form, a completed and signed TA registration form, and a grade report (if the course has been  completed).  Waiver  requests  will  be  addressed  to the commanding officer (CO) of the appropriate Pacific or  Atlantic  Naval  Education  and  Training  Support Center  (NETSC)  via  the  applicant’s  CO,  the  appropriate Navy  Campus  office,  and  the  Navy  Campus  area coordinator. The  NETSC  makes  the  final  determination  of approval  or  disapproval  for  waiver  requests  for classroom  courses.  Applicants  are  notified  of  action taken. If the waiver is approved, the NETSC returns the TA request to the servicing Navy Campus office for processing. WITHDRAWALS,  FAILURES, REIMBURSEMENTS,  AND  INCOMPLETES Personnel   who   voluntarily   withdraw   before completing a course or who fail a course for which the Navy has agreed to pay any part must reimburse the share of tuition cost authorized and paid for by the Navy. Reimbursement of the full amount authorized is made in the form of a money order payable to the Treasurer of the United States and is sent directly to NETPMSA, Code  00B115,  Pensacola,  Florida.  Reimbursements may  also  be  made  through  military  pay  checkage. Individuals are not authorized further TA until full reimbursement  has  been  made. Any refund of TA remitted by an institution to the student must be paid to the Navy. Should the refund exceed the Navy’s original dollar share, the institution pays any excess to the individual. In the case of officers who have not attended any class, the 2-year active duty obligation may be canceled. Officers  compelled  to  withdraw  involuntarily  from courses for reasons cited in the following paragraph and in  CNETINST  1560.3D  may  also  request  cancellation of the 2-year obligation. Such involuntary withdrawals must be verified and reported by the CO. Personnel  who  withdraw  involuntarily  because  of extended hospitalization, temporary additional duty, reassignment  to  another  duty  station,  emergency  leave, or change in military work schedule may not be required to  make  reimbursement  to  the  Navy.  Requests  for waiver of reimbursement of TA funds must be made by an  individual’s  CO  on  command  letterhead  paper  and sent directly to NETPMSA, Code 00B115. The request for  waiver  must  folly  explain  the  circumstances  causing involuntary  withdrawal. Individuals  who  receive  an  incomplete  in  a  course have a maximum of 6 months from the last class day to finish the course requirements and receive a passing grade. Failure to do so will require reimbursement of Navy funds by the student. Refer to  Navy   Voluntary   Education   Programs (Navy   Campus), OPNAVINST   1560.9,   and CNETINST 1560.3D for additional information and procedures  on  TA. ENLISTED  ADVANCEMENT  SYSTEM The  enlisted  advancement  system  provides  for  the orderly progression of qualified enlisted personnel to higher levels of responsibility throughout their naval career. ADVANCEMENT IN THE NAVY Advancement in rate or change in rating is based on demonstrated proficiency in assigned duties, on the performance evaluation and recommendation of the CO,  and  on  written  examinations.  All  eligible  personnel compete for advancement or change in rating to fill vacancies in the total Navy/Naval Reserve allowances. Advancement is a significant milestone in a Navy member’s career. Each advancement brings significant changes  in  duties  and  increased  responsibilities.  With each advancement a person is one step closer to his or her ultimate career goal. While it cannot be assured that any one person will be advanced, it is guaranteed that all enlisted personnel of a particular rating and similar qualifications have equal opportunity to compete for advancement. Advancement  is  one  of  the  most  rewarding accomplishments in a person’s naval career and one that has a great impact on morale. Many rewards of Navy life  are  earned  through  the  advancement  system.  Some 3-6

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