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Page Title: Alphanumeric NECs
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Figure  3-1.—Occupational  area—defense  grouping  NECs,  occupational  area  titles,  and  ratings  included  in  each  area
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Applicable Courses and On-The-Job Training
number  of  ratings.  The  special  series  NECs  are  Special Series General and Special Series Explosive Ordnance Disposal  (EOD),  SEAL,  and  DIVER.  Refer  to  the glossary for more information concerning the EOD, SEAL, and DIVER special series areas. Alphanumeric NECs Alphanumeric  NECs  are  used  to  identify  discrete skills   and   training   levels   when   justified   by   the complexity of training and management requirements. Alphanumeric  NECs  require  dedicated  personnel support to monitor and manage them because of the intricacies  of  coordinating  resources  and  support systems. Therefore,   recommendations   for alphanumeric  NECs  must  be  submitted  by  the appropriate   commands   only   through   warfare   or resource  sponsors.     Also,  these  recommendations should  be  submitted  only  after  a  development  process has taken place that has completely addressed all the elements required to make the program successfull. These  elements  include  the  following: · Development   of   a   training   structure,   in cooperation with appropriate training program coordinators · A  definite  plan  or  program  for  tracking  the inventory or requirements and personnel assets · A commitment from the warfare or resource sponsor to provide dedicated support personnel to management and monitoring of the program Numerical NECs NECs that are not included in the rating series or special series are grouped under Fleet Ballistic Missile, Nuclear,  Aircrew,  and  Aircraft  Systems  Maintenance and are considered to be numerical NECs. Planning  NECs Planning  NECs  are  NECs  approved  for  planning purposes only and are listed in chapter V of the  Manual of   Navy   Enlisted   Manpower   and   Personnel Classifications  and  Occupational  Standards,  volume  2, NAVPERS  18068.  These  NECs  may  be  used  in conjunction with Navy training plans, in developing planned  training  courses,  and  in  other  applicable long-range projects. Planning NECs may be written in manpower authorizations to project requirements and be  used  for  other  planning  purposes.  Planning  NECs are not assigned to personnel. 3-4 Appropriate commands should submit requests for planning   NECs   to   the   Officer   in   Charge,   Navy Occupational   Development   and   Analysis   Center (NODAC), via the chain of command. A request must include  a  proposed  title,  a  ready-for-training  date (actual or estimated), billet paygrades, and point of contact. Commands should submit requests to convert approved planning NECs to rating or special series NECs 120 days before the date the NEC is to be awarded (for example, 120 days before the completion of the initial  course  or  factory  training).  For  additional information  on  the  requirements  for  establishing  new NECs, refer to appendix A of volume 2 of NAVPERS 18068. NEC  SEQUENCING Enlisted personnel on active duty may earn multiple NECs,  but  only  five  are  listed  in  the  Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report (EDVR). The first two NECs listed in the EDVR are the primary (PNEC) and the secondary (SNEC). They are found in sections 1 through 4. The remaining NECs held by an individual are found in section 8 of the EDVR. Earned NECs are maintained  on  Bureau  of  Naval  Personnel  (BUPERS) and  EPMAC  master  tapes  for  detailing,  placement,  and distribution  of  enlisted  personnel. A sequence code number is assigned to each NEC. This facilitates central control of NEC assignments by allowing  computer  programmed  instructions  to position   NECs   as   primary,   secondary,   or   lower positions. Sequence code numbers range from 1 to 8 and only one sequence code number is assigned to an NEC. You can find the NEC sequence code numbers in appendix C of volume 2 of NAVPERS 18068. Entry series NECs are assigned code number 1. All other  rating  and  special  series  NECs  are  assigned sequence  code  numbers  2  through  8.  The  lowest sequence code number has the highest priority. For example,  sequence  2  takes  precedence  over  sequence  3. In cases where an individual earns two or more NECs with the same sequence code number, the NEC code for which the individual has most recently qualified takes precedence. This general rule applies except in unusual circumstances wherein the cost of training or course length requirements may take precedence over the most recently  acquired  code.

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