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Page Title: Applicable Courses and On-The-Job Training
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Alphanumeric NECs
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 3-2.óNavy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Change/Recommendation, NAVPERS 1221/1
APPLICABLE  COURSES  AND ON-THE-JOB  TRAINING Formal   courses   of   instruction,   satisfactory completion  of  which  will  earn  a  member  an  NEC,  are listed in appendix C of volume 2 of NAVPERS 18068, with   the   applicable   NEC.   If   a   formal   course   is mandatory for earning an NEC, it will be shown in appendix  C.  This  appendix  also  shows  when  an  NEC may  be  awarded  through  on-the-job  training  (OJT)  or factory training. Refer to appendix C for additional information  on  recommending  personnel  for  NECs based on OJT. ASSIGNMENT AND CANCELLATION OF NECS Personnel  are  automatically  assigned  NECs  on satisfactory  completion  of  applicable  courses  through the   Navy   Integrated   Training   Resource   and Administration System (NITRAS). This ensures faster NEC  assignment  and  reduced  paperwork  at  the command  level. NECs earned through OJT and factory training are not  automatically  assigned.  This  means  increased command attention is required to recommend fully qualified personnel for these NECs. In cases where NEC  assignments  are  not  restricted  to  mandatory completion of applicable courses or factory training, recommendations  can  and  should  be  forwarded  for assignment  of  NECs  based  on  OJT.  Although  the length of OJT is normally at the discretion of individual commanding officers (COs), usually 6 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the NEC, should be considered  minimum.  Specific  requirements  for  NECs are listed in appendix C of volume 2 of NAVPERS 18068. COs must make sure, besides OJT experience, these  specific  requirements,  including  any  component NECs,  are  successfully  completed. Individuals  must  either  hold  or  be  qualified  to  hold the  component  NECs. To  recommend  active  and inactive duty personnel for an NEC, your command must use the  Navy   Enlisted   Classification   (NEC) Change/Recommendation,    NAVPERS   1221/1.   A blank sample of a NAVPERS 1221/1 is shown in figure 3-2. When  planning  to  recommend  new  NEC assignments,  your  command  should  review  the qualifications for the NECs presently held and then provide  comments.  This  is  especially  important  when a positive requirement exists for maintaining NEC qualifications  according  to  established  criteria;  for example, in the case of Aircrewman qualifications. Close   command   attention   is   required   for recommending  cancellations  of  NECs.  A  command must recommend cancellations of NEC assignments in cases where enlisted personnel do not perform their NEC  duties  satisfactory.  Normally,  this  should  be  done within  6  months  after  reporting  aboard.  Failure  to recommend  NEC  cancellation  may  result  in  unqualified or unsatisfactory performers being reassigned under the NEC. This, in turn, can result in manning or readiness problems for a new command or a failure to assign sufficient qualified personnel in the current command. If assigned to prepare an NEC code change, you must always follow the instructions on the back of the NAVPERS 1221/1, as shown in figure 3-2, or those in appendix B of volume 2 of NAVPERS 18068, to make sure  all  requirements  are  met.  Also  refer  to  appendixes C and D of NAVPERS 18068, volume 2, for additional requirements on the completion and submission of this form. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSIGNING NECS When notified of changes, individual commands should record these changes by making the appropriate page 4 service record entries. Active Duty Personnel In the case of active duty personnel, the individual command  will  be  notified  by  receipt  of  the  NAVPERS 1221/1.   The   command   should   then   record   these changes by making page 4 service record entries using award date indicated on the NAVPERS 1221/1. As a PN,  you  may  be  assigned  this  responsibility.  It  is, therefore, imperative that you maintain copies of all submitted NAVPERS 1221/1s requesting NECs on file so you can track them. Inactive Duty Personnel For  inactive  duty  personnel,  drilling  units  are notified  by  receipt  of  the  NAVPERS  1221/1.  The command should then record these changes by making page 4 service record entries using the last day of the month in which the NEC was approved as indicated on the  NAVPERS  1221/1. Many of your responsibilities in personnel support will involve the reporting of information, either for an individual or for the command. As a PN, you will be required to be familiar with numerous forms in the 3-5

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