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Page Title: Availability Reports
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Limitations on Scope of Legal Assistance Services
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Types of Availability Reports
the client after a person-to-person conversation has been conducted. The  attorney-client  relationship  requires  personal communication. Except when the client is unable to communicate adequately, advice or assistance is not provided  through  third  parties.  This  includes  drafting  a will for one spouse based on discussions with the other spouse. REFERRALS AND FEES The  legal  assistance  attorney  may  determine  that  the best interest of the client can be served by referring the case to another attorney, often a private civilian attorney. Referral  may  be  for  a  variety  of  reasons,  including expertise of the attorney or regulations that prohibit involvement  of  the  legal  assistance  attorney. If referral to a private civilian attorney is necessary, payment of legal fees is the client’s responsibility. The government does not reimburse the individual nor pay any  expenses  associated  with  the  referral. Services  provided  in  the  Department  of  the  Navy legal  assistance  program  are  at  no  cost  to  eligible personnel.  All  active  duty  personnel  and  civilian employees involved in providing service or advice in the legal assistance program are prohibited from accepting or  receiving,  in  any  manner,  any  fee  or  compensation other than government compensation for legal services provided to persons eligible for assistance. Reserve personnel on inactive duty or in any official capacity   are   prohibited   from   receiving   fees   or compensation  for  the  same  matters  about  which  they consulted with or advised the legal assistance client in an official capacity. Reserve personnel who provided legal assistance while on active duty cannot refer legal assistance clients to themselves in their private practice or to their law firm. EXPANDED LEGAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Under the expanded legal assistance program, legal assistance attorneys in selected offices may provide legal  services,  including  in-court  representation,  to certain  categories  of  clients.  his  service  is  provided  on a limited basis and only for matters listed under the subheading  Legal  Assistance  Services.  The  local  legal assistance  office  must  be  consulted  for  specific information. The  expanded  legal  assistance  program,  as authorized by the Judge Advocate General, provides in-court  legal  services  for  eligible  personnel  who  cannot afford private attorney fees. The eligible personnel are as  follows: l   Active duty military personnel in paygrades E-3 and  below  without  dependents. l   Active duty military personnel in paygrades E-4 and  below,  with  dependents.  Dependents  of  personnel in paygrade E-4 are also eligible. Q Other active duty military personnel of higher paygrades and their dependents who are unable to afford an attorney without substantial financial hardship. Representation under the expanded legal assistance program of persons in this category must be approved by the Judge Advocate General. Refer to chapter 7 of the  Manual  of  the  Judge Advocate General  (JAGMAN), JAGINST 5800.7, for additional information concerning legal assistance. AVAILABILITY REPORTS There  will  be  occasions  when  you  will  be  required to  submit  availability  reports  on  individuals.  Your  job as  far  as  counseling  individuals  is  concerned  will include, for example, asking them for duty preferences, explaining to them the purpose of the availability report and explaining to them how long it will take to get a response. In this section, you will read about the types of  availability  reports,  the  service  record  maintenance involved,  the  submission  and  transmission  of availability  reports,  and  the  classes  of  availabilities. Whenever  you  are  required  to  submit  availability reports, you should always refer to chapter 20 of the ENLTRANSMAN, NAVPERS 15909, and/or the  Diary Message   Reporting   System   Users’   Manual (DMRSMAN),   EPMAC   New   Orleans,   Louisiana, Document Number 108)#1 UM-01A. All naval commands are responsible for prompt and accurate  submission  of  availability  reports  on  personnel who are available for assignment or reassignment. By efficiently and quickly assigning available personnel to duty  where  their  talents,  experience,  and  training  are needed, the Navy and the individuals both benefit. Excessive transient time is costly and erodes the ability of the Navy to perform its mission. Therefore, in the interest   of   stability, cost-effectiveness, and the commands  should  submit timely  availability  reports. personnel    readiness, morale of the individual, accurate,  complete,  and 8-21

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