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Figure 15-5.—Personnelmen using the source data system at a PERSUPPDET
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Summary - 14214_361
l l l l l Meal  pass  reports Separate rations (COMRATS) reports Advancement  worksheet  reports Leave schedule reports Prospective  loss  reports  for  transient  personnel Ad hoc reports are reports that are required in special  cases  or  as  required  by  an  individual  or command. Ad hoc reports might include the following: .  A  listing  of  all  personnel  with  social  security number (SSN) ending in let’s say the number 9 for  urinalysis  random  testing . A listing of personnel with the last name Jones, or a listing of the oldest person to the youngest person, and so on The SM at the PERSUPPDET is responsible for issuing ad hoc and standard reports to the different sections,  individual,  or  commands  that  require  them. For  example,  the  educational  services  office  (ESO) receives the reports dealing with advancements; the transfers and separation section receives reports dealing with  PRDs  and  EAOSs;  and  if,  for  example,  the commanding officer (CO) of a squadron requires the squadron’s leave tickler, that report is generated. These reports  allow  the  different  sections  within  the PERSUPPDET  and/or  other  commands  to  manage  their work. As the PN3 or PN3, you will be required to review the reports that are generated for your section. You will use  these  reports  for  various  reasons.  For  example,  you will  review  these  reports  to  prepare  the  good  conduct certificates on time, or you will review these reports to verify  members’  EAOSs  and  PRDs  to  plan  for members’  separation,  reenlistment  (if  eligible),  or transfer. Remember, some of these reports are generated long in advance of the actual due dates. This is done so that various individuals may notify personnel about their  EAOS  and  inquire  as  to  members’  intentions,  find out why members have not received orders, and so on. Many of these reports help you plan your work by reminding you of future events. BUPERS  ACCESS BUPERS ACCESS is a personal computer system that uses the most advanced features of bulletin board technology. It provides fleet Sailors with easy access to their detailers, up-to-date Navy policies, retention news, and more. This technology allows members to use  their  command  or  personal  home  computer  to communicate   with   BUPERS   ACCESS   through   a modem and one of 64 dedicated phone lines. In addition to a fleet Sailor’s ability to communicate with his/her detailer, he/she can also obtain information concerning  orders,  including  date  orders  were  cut, transaction  date  (TC)  number,  message  date-time  group (DTG),   and   any   modifications.   Command   career counselors may also use this system to obtain major enlisted advancement and board results and officer promotions  lists. Because  of  the  capability  of  this  system,  the Enlisted   Naval   SWAP   Program   is   now   totally automated. The system allows electronic submitting and   viewing   of   SWAPS.   Also,   duty   preference submission may now be made electronically through the use  of  this  system. Contact  your  career  counselor  for  further information concerning BUPERS ACCESS. The career counselor  should  have  additional  information concerning  the  equipment  required,  contacting  the system, BUPERS ACCESS telephone numbers, and other  capabilities  of  the  system. DOCUMENT  HANDLING  BETWEEN PERSONNEL AND DISBURSING OFFICES Most SDS-generated documents that are taken from the personnel office to the disbursing office must have supporting  documentation.  Supporting  documentation can be in the form of a Special Request/Authorization (NAVPERS 1336/3), memorandum, letter, or any other Navy-approved form that supports the request for a specific   entitlement. As a PN3 or PN2, you will handle many requests submitted  by  individuals  for  different  entitlements.  You must remember to check the requests to make sure that the members are eligible to receive the entitlement or entitlements. Provided the members are eligible to receive such entitlements, you must type the appropriate SDS event documents. After you type the document or documents, you must  make  sure  that  you  double-check  your  work  for errors  before  you  give  the  SDS  documents  to  your supervisor  for  his  or  her  signature. After   your supervisor has verified and signed the document(s), you 15-10

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