Quantcast Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (Page 15)

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Page Title: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (Page 15)
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Preparation - 14214_143
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-24.óRecord of Discharge from the U.S. Naval Reserve (Inactive), NAVPERS 1070/615
Reserve  (Inactive),  NAVPERS  1070/615,  page  14  of  the enlisted service record, is prepared on the honorable discharge of an enlisted member on inactive duty by reason  of  expiration  of  enlistment  or  expiration  of obligated service. The discharge of an enlisted member on inactive duty for any other reason is recorded on page 13. NOTE: An adaptation of the page 14 Inactive is authorized for use by the Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve  Personnel  Center  (NAVRESPERSCEN).  A sample of a blank page 14 is shown in figure 5-24. Preparation To complete the page 14, NAVPERS 1070/615, you should   follow   the   guidelines MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030443. Distribution contained  in  the Copies   of   the   NAVPERS   1070/615,   page   14 (Inactive)  are  distributed  as  follows: Part 1 is delivered or forwarded to the member with the discharge certificate, discharge emblem, and  appropriate  service  record  pages. Part 2 is filed on the left side of the member’s service record under the performance divider according  to  MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030200. Part 3 is retained for recruiting or other local use. CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE OR DISCHARGE  FROM  ACTIVE  DUTY (PAGE 15) According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030445, the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD Form 214, is considered to be page 15 of tie enlisted  service  record.  The  DD  Form  214  is  prepared and distributed according to the guidelines contained in Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, BUPERSINST  1900.8. The DD Form 214 is prepared to cover a member’s periods  of  service  on  active  duty,  active  duty  for training,  full-time  training  duty,  active  duty  for  special work, certain periods terminated by a change of status not concurrent with separation from active service, and release  from  a  status  that  is  legally  determined  to  be void.  The  DD  Form  214  provides  documentary evidence of an enlisted person’s active naval service and is a vital record for interested government agencies. It 5-38 assists the enlisted person in obtaining the rights and benefits that have accrued as the result of a period of active  naval  service. Because the DD Form 214 is so important, you must prepare it accurately and completely, and you must distribute  it  promptly. You should always use the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, BUPERSINST  1900.8,  whenever  you  are  tasked  with typing this important form. A copy of a DD Form 214 blank worksheet is shown in figure 5-25. Refer also to figure 5-26, which shows you a copy of the Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from  Active  Duty,  DD  Form  215.  There  will  be occasions when you will have to type this form also. Your  command  should  establish  accountability measures to safeguard the issuance of both the DD Form 214 and DD Form 215. These are very accountable documents and only authorized personnel should be permitted to handle them. In your career as a PN, you will very likely work with  the  DD  Form  214  when  you  are  processing separation   documents,   including   the   detaching endorsement, NAVCOMPT 3067. Make sure you take your time when you are working with these forms. Correctly transcribe the appropriate codes or entries from the DD Form 214 to the detaching endorsement. Past experience by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service  (DFAS)  has  shown  that  information  transcribed from the DD Form214 to the NAVCOMPT 3067 is not always   correct. When   mistakes   occur,   they subsequently  create  unneeded  delays  for  the  enlisted member as well as the agencies concerned. Do your part to avoid errors. MAINTENANCE OF SERVICE RECORDS Up to now, you have read about the format and principal pages of the enlisted service record. There are, however, other duties and responsibilities related to information in the enlisted service record. Some of your most important responsibilities will be in the area of enlisted service record maintenance. To be a good PN, you  must  be  familiar  with  the  numerous  aspects involved in this important area. You may be called upon to explain the necessary requirements and procedures to your  shipmates. In the following paragraphs, you will read about a variety of enlisted service record information. You will read about the distinctions in meaning between  home address and home of record. You will read about the

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