Quantcast Chapter VII Enlisted Distributionand Verification Report, Officer Distribution Control Report, and Diary Message Reporting System

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Page Title: Chapter VII Enlisted Distributionand Verification Report, Officer Distribution Control Report, and Diary Message Reporting Sy...
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Interservice Transfers
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
CHAPTER 7 ENLISTED DISTRIBUTION AND VERIFICATION REPORT, OFFICER DISTRIBUTION CONTROL REPORT, AND DIARY MESSAGE REPORTING SYSTEM In this chapter, you will read about the Enlisted Distribution  and  Verification  Report  (EDVR),  the Officer  Distribution  Control  Report  (ODCR),  and  the Diary  Message  Reporting  System  (DMRS).  All  of these  are  part  of  the  Navy’s  personnel  accounting system  and  all  provide  data  for  the  management, assignment,   and   records   maintenance   of   Navy personnel.  These  reports  enable  the  Bureau  of  Naval Personnel  (BUPERS)  to  keep  track  of  manning  levels at each activity and the overall manning requirements of the Navy. The Navy depends on you, the Personnelman (PN), to make certain every document in this reporting system is accurate to the last detail. You have an important role in this system because these reports will impact strongly across all levels of Navy personnel. For example, the information reported on an individual member will have an impact on his or her career. At your activity, the accuracy  of  the  data  reported  will  affect  your command’s  ability  to  function  properly,  make  wise planning decisions, interact with manning authorities, and justify its budgetary requirements. At BUPERS, the data provided by your command will have an impact on the ability of BUPERS to make proper distribution, promotion, and training decisions in support of the Navy’s mission. Can you see how the quality of your work will have an effect on the validity and efficiency of the Navy’s overall personnel accounting system? As  a  PN,  you  will  be  actively  involved  in  the verification of these reports and the submission of data to  update  them. The information in this chapter is intended  to  give  you  an  overview  of  these  report systems. Because information changes so rapidly on the EDVR, ODCR, and DMRS, you should always refer to the most current publications or manuals containing official  guidelines  for  updating  these  reports  and submitting  message  diaries  and/or  Source  Data  System (SDS) events. After studying the information in this chapter, you should be able to explain the meaning and purpose of the EDVR, identify its various sections, and explain the correct  procedures  for  submitting  updated  information. You should also recognize the purpose of the ODCR and the   procedures   you   should   use   for   submitting corrections.  In  addition,  you  should  be  able  to  explain the  DMRS  and  the  procedures  you  should  use  for reporting  various  personnel  data  transactions. ENLISTED DISTRIBUTION AND VERIFICATION  REPORT The EDVR is a monthly statement of an activity’s enlisted  personnel  account.  It  lists  all  individuals assigned  to  the  activity  and  provides  the  following information: A summary by the distribution community of the present and future manning status of the activity A  common  reference  for  communicating  the activity’s  manning  status  between  the  activity and its manning control authority (MCA) A statement of account for verification by the Personnel  and  Pay  Services  Unit  Identification Code  (PPSUIC)  activity A permanent historical record of the activity’s enlisted  personnel  account DISTRIBUTION The  EDVR  is  distributed  monthly  by  the  Enlisted Personnel  Management  Center  (EPMAC).  EPMAC sends PPSUIC activities such as ships, squadrons, and staffs  not  serviced  by  a  personnel  support  activity detachment   (PERSUPPDET)   one   copy   of   EDVR sections  1  through  12. Additional  copies  must  be reproduced  locally. Source Data System (SDS) activities capable of producing the monthly EDVR facsimile receive one copy of sections 4 through 10 and 12, but not sections 1 through 3 and 11. Sections 1 through 3 and 11 are 7-1

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