Quantcast Closing and Disposing of Enlisted Service Records

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Page Title: Closing and Disposing of Enlisted Service Records
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Purging Service Records
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Enlisted Performance Evaluation Reports
What to Purge The  documents  you  purge  from  the  service  record should be documents that have served their purpose and are  no  longer  needed  to  be  filed  in  the  service  record. You should use common sense in this matter. Ask your supervisor  if  a  document  (or  documents)  should  remain in the service record. How to Purge Do not discard any service record documents. You should  give  all  the  documents  you  purge  from  service records   to   the   respective   individuals   for   further disposition. You should explain to them that they should keep documents that are of value to them as long as they can. Why You Should Purge Wouldn’t you like to walk into an office and notice that  all  records  are  properly  purged  and  neatly maintained? Wouldn’t you like your shipmates to walk into your office and notice how neatly you maintain their records?  How do you maintain the records you are responsible  for  in  your  office? Many  personnel  offices  take  pride  in  maintaining neat and well-purged service records. This inspires confidence.  This  is  a  reflection  of  the  “I  care”  attitude and certainly reflects the great pride the PNs have in their jobs. Individuals who notice that their records are properly  purged  and  neatly  maintained  have  confidence in the abilities of their PNs. Not only do they feel that they can rely on their PNs to maintain their records properly, but they also know that they can rely on them in  any  matter  pertaining  to  personnel  administration. Strive to be this type of person! Be neat and show pride! CLOSING AND DISPOSING OF ENLISTED SERVICE RECORDS According to the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030140, the status of a member under orders determines whether the  U.S.  Navy  Enlisted  Service  Record,  NAVPERS 1070/600, is closed or remains open. According to this same article, you must close the field service record when a member is completely severed from all naval status gained by enlistment or induction. Reasons A field service record is closed for the following reasons: A member is released from a voided enlistment. A member is discharged from recruit training or  Navy  Veteran/Other  Service  Veteran (NAVET/OSVET)   indoctrination. A  member  is  discharged  without  immediate reenlistment. A member is discharged from the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve for immediate reenlistment in another branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. A temporary officer or an enlisted member is discharged to accept a permanent warrant or commission  in  the  Regular  Navy  or  Naval Reserve.  (In  this  case,  you  should  close  the enlisted  field  service  record  only.) A member is transferred to the Fleet Reserve, the Retired List, or the Permanent Disability Retired List and concurrently released from active duty. (In this case, you should mark the outside cover of  the  NAVPERS  1070/600:  FLEET  RESERVE or RETIRED, as appropriate.) A member is transferred to the Retired Reserve or the Naval Reserve Retired List. (In this case, you  should  mark  the  outside  cover  of  the NAVPERS 1070/600: RETIRED. Also include the page 13 retirement entry and a copy of the retirement  orders.) Packing and Forwarding Procedures You  should  always  send  a  closed  field  service record with the health treatment record as a one-record packet  to  the  Naval  Reserve  Personnel  Center (NAVRESPERSCEN),   Code   401,   New   Orleans, Louisiana,  unless  the  member  is  deceased.  If  the member  is  deceased,  you  should  follow  procedures outlined in the MILPERSMAN, Article 5030140. We mentioned earlier that the closed service records are forwarded to NAVRESPERSCEN (NRPC). You must be aware that NRPC subsequently forwards the closed service record documents as indicated in the MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030140,  to  CHNAVPERS (PERS  313C)  to  update  the  permanent  microfiche record.  The  permanent  record  is  then  joined  with  the health  treatment  record  and  sent  to  the  National 5-55

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