Quantcast Commanding Officer's Recommendation for Advancement

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Page Title: Commanding Officer's Recommendation for Advancement
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Distribution of Eligibility Status Listing
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 9-1.óRecommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2
COMMANDING  OFFICER’S RECOMMENDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT The CO’s recommendation is the most important requirement  in  the  Navy’s  enlisted  advancement system. The  advancement  recommendation  of  an individual must be well considered by all personnel in the  chain  of  command  and  never  become  perfunctory. The individual must show the ability for advancement and/or  change  in  rate  or  rating  to  earn  the  final recommendation of the CO. The member’s ability to perform the work and assume the responsibilities of the higher  rate  or  new  rating  are  significant  considerations in recommending a member for advancement. In  case  of  candidates  for  petty  officer  grades, particular  consideration  by  the  CO  should  be  given  to qualities  of  leadership  and  personal  integrity.  Any departure from those criteria reduces the prestige and effectiveness of the petty officer and the command. The decision of the CO to recommend an individual for advancement remains valid unless withdrawn. The enlisted   evaluation   is   the   sole   source   of recommendationn for advancement. A CO may withhold or withdraw a recommendation for advancement. SERVICE RECORD ENTRIES As  a  service  records  maintenance  PN,  or  one  who is  involved  in  advancements,  you  will  record  the  CO’s recommendation for advancement and/or change in rate or rating on the page 9 of the service record as indicated by  one  of  the  following  examples: “(Date):  PNSN  Recommended  for  PN3.” “(Date):  ADAN  Recommended  for  AD3.” “(Date):  SKI Recommended   for   SKC.” While  reviewing  service  records,  if  you  notice  that a   member’s   recommendation   for   advancement   is incorrectly recorded on the page 9, take the initiative to correct  it. Make sure your supervisor is aware and initials the change. COMMANDING  OFFICER’S RECOMMENDATION FOR NEWLY REPORTED PERSONNEL Personnel  received  on  board  a  new  command  who have  been  recommended  for  advancement  by  their previous CO and are in all other respects eligible should be allowed to participate in the regularly scheduled advancement examination. Withholding or removing a recommendation  for  advancement  merely  because  the new CO has not had sufficient time to evaluate the new member is not fair to the individual transferred before an examination. Advancement maybe withheld by the CO for cause, but not for lack of observation. If, after participation,  the  new  CO  determines  that  the individual’s    performance is   lacking,   the recommendation may be withdrawn. In   the   following   paragraphs,   we   discuss   the worksheet and Navywide advancement examination that are part of the advancement system as are the areas previously  mentioned. RECOMMENDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN RATE OR CHANGE OF RATING (WORKSHEET) A Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2, is prepared for each candidate participating in a Navywide advancement   cycle. This  includes  members  in paygrade  E-6  who  are  participating  for  the  LDO program and E-8/9 candidates. Examining boards and candidates use the form as a checkoff sheet and for transferring information to the answer sheet. Figure 9-1 shows you a blank sample of a worksheet. Be aware, however, that PERSUPPDETs have the capability of preparing the worksheets using the Source Data System (SDS). Deployable commands may also have a similar computerized system such as that of a PERSUPPDETs used  to  prepare  the  worksheets. The worksheet contains data and factors relating to the candidate’s eligibility for advancement or change of rating. The  ESO  is  responsible  for  reviewing  all worksheets  for  accuracy  and  completeness  before delivering  them  to  the  examining  board.  All  entries  are checked thoroughly to avoid errors because inaccurate information creates inequities to the candidates and could prevent a fully qualified candidate from being advanced. ESOs and personnel office supervisors must make sure worksheets are prepared at least 1 month before the scheduled examination date to decrease the chance for errors. Each candidate must review, verify, and sign the worksheet  before  the  examination  date. 9-3

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