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Page Title: Correction of Date of Birth
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Authorized Corrections to Home Record Information
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)
Requests for change of name must be forwarded via the  CO  and  must  be  accompanied  by  appropriate documentary evidence verifying the change in name. Examples  of  suitable  documentary  evidence  include  a marriage  certificate,  a  final  divorce  decree  containing  a provision for the restoration of the maiden name, a court order  authorizing  the  name  change,  and  a  birth certificate. The change of name is effective, for Navy record  purposes,  from  the  date  of  authorization  by CHNAWERS. As a PN, you will most likely deal with a change of name after its authorization by CHNAVPERS. As soon as your command receives authorization to change a person’s  name,  you  should  make  an  appropriate Administrative Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613, page 13 entry in the enlisted member’s service record and change  all  appropriate  pages.  Make  sure  each  change is initialed on all appropriate pages by a person who is authorized to do so. CORRECTION OF DATE OF BIRTH According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5010220, a correction of the date of birth in the official record of a member is made only after an administrative examination has shown that the evidence presented is indisputable and authority for the change has been granted by CHNAVPERS. The personnel officer must advise the applicant before submission of the request for change in the date of birth of the Privacy Act statement relative to this element  which  is  similar  to  the  one  shown  previously for a change of name. A request for a correction of the date of birth must be forwarded via the CO and include the following documentation: A  statement  of  the  reason  for  the  erroneous recording. A  copy  of  the  birth  certificate  or  other documentary  evidence  of  the  correct  date  of birth.  When  the  evidence  submitted  is  not identifed as a public record, a statement by the responsible  public  official  that  no  public  record of birth exists must be included. An affidavit that the applicant is the person referred   to   in   the   documentary   evidence submitted. When  CHNAVPERS  authorizes  a  correction  of birth date, the member will be issued a Notification of Change  in  Servicemember’s  Official  Records,  DD Form 1343. Copies of this form for an enlisted member will be sent to the member’s CO. Again,  you  will  likely  come  into  contact  with  a change of date of birth after it has been authorized by CHNAVPERS.  As  soon  as  your  command  receives authorization to correct an individual’s date of birth, you   should   make   an   appropriate   Administrative Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613, page 13 entry in the enlisted  member’s  service  record  and  change  all appropriate pages. Make sure the change is initialed on all appropriate pages by a person authorized to do so. SIGNATURES IN SERVICE RECORDS According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030100,  signatures  and  initials  in  the  service  record are required to make sure entries are made by proper authority  and  service  records  are  properly  maintained. As  a  PN,  you  frequently  will  be  involved  in checking  for  signatures  and  the  appropriate  supporting information, so you must be aware of the requirements. Signatures and initials must be in permanent black or blue-black ink and must be legible on all copies. You should type the rank/rate/grade and title of the person signing the service record pages below the signature line. Signers, such as your supervisor, are required to sign or initial entries on service record pages at the time and in the manner described by the MILPERSMAN or other   directives   governing   service   record administration. The CO, executive officer (XO), or OIC, signs or initials  all  service  record  pages.  The  CO  or  OIC, however, may grant certain personnel “By direction” authority to sign service record pages. At the discretion of the CO, facsimile signatures may be used for entries on the page 4 and accumulative entries on the page 13. In these cases, you should stamp both original and carbon copies of the service record page  with  the  facsimile  signature.  Facsimile  signatures are authorized for use only on pages 4 and 13 of the enlisted service record. They should not be used on any other pages of the service record. CITIZENSHIP ENTRIES IN THE ENLISTED  SERVICE  RECORD According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030450,  an  enlisted  member’s  citizenship  is  recorded on the Record of Military Processing—Armed Forces of the United States, DD Form 1966, or the Immediate 5-43

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