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Page Title: Dependents Dental Plan
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Selective Reenlistment Bonus
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Benefits - 14214_221
short  notice  may  not  permit  an  SRB  payment concurrent with reenlistment. For short notice requests, BUPERS  (PERS  292)  can  provide  the  DTG  of  the message  granting  SRB  reenlistment  authority  via telephone whenever possible. Short-term extensions me not authorized by BUPERS (PERS 292). Telephone  inquiries  to  BUPERS  (PERS  292)  on  the status of PRECERT should only be made by disbursing personnel,  command  career  counselors,  Yeomen  (YNs) or you, the PN, and not by the member concerned. Policy   and   eligibility   questions   can   normally   be resolved  by  calling  BUPERS. Only  BUPERS  (PERS  292)  can  provide  SRB payment authority to the requesting activity. After an SRB request is approved by BUPERS (PERS 292), a Military Pay Order, NAVCOMPT Form 3060, must be submitted to start the SRB entitlement. For instructions concerning the preparation of the NAVCOMIT Form 3060, you should refer to the  DFAS  Pay/Personnel Procedures  Manual  (Navy)  and/or  the  SDSPROMAN, volume  I,  as  appropriate. If  BUPERS  (PERS  292)  disapproves  the  SRB request, the reason will be stated and guidance for resubmission (if applicable) will be provided to your command. OPNAVINST 1160.6 provides more information on specific eligibility criteria for members with broken service,  zone  eligibility  criteria,  special  policies,  officer procurement programs, and lateral conversions. The instruction also shows sample page 13 entries, a sample worksheet  to  determine  SRB  amount,  message preparation  instructions,  a  sample  of  an  SRB  request message,   and   other   information   pertinent   to reenlistment  bonuses. OTHER BONUSES There are other bonuses that are available for some qualified members. They are primarily for officers, but nevertheless,  you  must  know  that  they  exist.  You should  be  able  to  go  to  the  source  that  contains information about these bonuses whenever you are asked  questions  concerning  the  eligibility  criteria. These  bonuses  include  the  following: Nuclear career accession bonus Nuclear  career  annual  incentive  bonus Nuclear  officer  accession  bonus Aviator  retention  bonus Registered nurse accession bonus 8-12 You  should  know  something  about  each  one  of them. The information concerning these bonuses is contained in the DODFMR, volume 7, part A. DEPENDENTS’ DENTAL PLAN It  is  important  for  you  to  be  familiar  with  the Dependents’  Dental  Plan  (DDP).  DDP  has  been  in effect  since  1986.  Benefits  under  the  DDP  were expanded  effective  1  April  1993.  You  will  be  required to counsel personnel concerning the DDP when, for example,  they  report  aboard  your  command  for  duty, when they get married and/or acquire dependents, when members  who  already  have  dependents  ask  you questions   concerning   their   continued   eligibility, disenrollment  procedures,  or  when  transferring overseas to an area where DDP is not available. The  DDP  is  a  congressionally  mandated  program (Title  10,  United  States  Code,  chapter  55,  section 1076a)  to  provide  dental  insurance  for  eligible dependents  of  active  duty  members  of  the  uniformed services. OPNAVINST 1751.1 provides guidance for the administration and management of enrollment, eligibility   determination,   and   premium   payroll deduction  for  dental  insurance  coverage  for  dependents of active duty members within the Department of the Navy.  This  is  a  voluntary  program  that  requires monthly payroll deductions for insurance premium payment. Eligible dependents are enrolled in DDP as either a single   dependent   or   a   family.   Single-dependent enrollment is for one dependent. Family enrollment is for two or more dependents. With few exceptions, a sponsor  cannot  enroll  some  dependents  and  not  others. All eligible dependents must be enrolled or none at all, and enrollment must be for a period of at least 24 months. If a member has dependents residing in two or more separate locations, the member may elect to enroll the dependents residing in only one location. It is also possible to enroll one dependent without enrolling one or  more  dependents  under  age  4. EFFECTIVE  DATE  OF  COVERAGE The  effective  date  of  coverage  for  all  eligible dependents is the first day of the month following the month  in  which  the  completed  enrollment  form  is received   and   certified   by   the   PERSUPPDET   or personnel  office.  For  example,  if  a  member  submits  a Uniformed  Services  Active  Duty  Dependents’  Dental Plan (DDP) Enrollment Election, DD Form 2494, on 10 May 1995 to the PERSUPPDET or personnel office, the

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