Quantcast Distribution of Eligibility Status Listing

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Page Title: Distribution of Eligibility Status Listing
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Chapter 9 Advancement, Education, and Training
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Commanding Officer's Recommendation for Advancement
Officers,  chief  petty  officers,  and  senior  petty officers in the chain of command should constantly show   concern   in   their   subordinates’   professional development. This  should  be  accomplished  by periodically  counseling  subordinates  and  encouraging them to complete all their advancement requirements on time.   Supervisors   should   also   encourage   their subordinates to study hard and make them aware of the importance  of  enlisted  performance  evaluations  in  the overall Navywide advancement system. The CO has the ultimate responsibility of making recommendations  or  withdrawing  recommendations  for advancement.  The  recommendation  or  withdrawing  of recommendation  for  advancement  is  accomplished  by the  preparation  of  an  enlisted  performance  evaluation report and making appropriate service record page 9 and 13 entries as shown in chapter 8 of the Advancement Manual, BUPERSINST  1430.16. DISTRIBUTION OF ELIGIBILITY STATUS LISTING Long before the cyclical Navywide advancement examination is administered, commands must distribute an  eligibility  status  listing  of  personnel  recommended for  advancement.  This  listing  must  be  distributed  to  all departments or commands, as appropriate. This listing should  include  all  personnel  from  those  departments  or commands  who  are  time-in-rate  (TIR)  eligible  and recommended  for  advancement. The  listing  should  also  include  a  section  that contains  the  advancement  requirements  that  have  or have not been completed by the candidates. The listing should be prepared long in advance of the Navywide advancement examination date to notify all concerned personnel of requirements that need to be turned in to the personnel office. This way, you the PN, will make the  appropriate  service  record  entries  prior  to  the established deadline. This deadline for for the completion of the advancement requirements should be set by the educational  services  office  (ESO)  and/or  the  personnel office. You should remember, however, that there are occasions when you may have to be considerate to your shipmates.  There  may  be  times  when  your  shipmates will  not  be  able  to  turn  in  their  advancement requirements  on  time  due  to  unforseen  circumstances beyond their control. During these occasions, you should consider each case on its merits. ELIGIBILITY  REQUIREMENTS  FOR ADVANCEMENT IN RATE OR CHANGE IN RATING You  should  become  familiar  with  the  elements  that comprise eligibility requirements so you can inform individuals that may not be aware of these requirements. Most of the eligibility requirements are as follows: Complete mandatory personnel advancement requirements (PARs) including a performance test, if required, as specified in appendix D of the Manual  of  Navy  Enlisted  Manpower  and Personnel   Classifications   and   Occupational Standards, volume 1, NAVPERS 18068. Successfully   complete   service   school,   if required. Complete   mandatory   TRAMAN/nonresident training course requirements. Meet   citizenship   or   security   clearance requirements for advancement in certain rates or ratings as specified in the  Advancement  Manual, BUPERSINST  1430.16. Meet  minimum  performance  criteria. Performance Mark average (PMA) 3,0 or above is required for E-4/5/6/7 candidates. Be in the proper path of advancement. Fulfill special requirements for certain ratings. Not be involved in circumstances that render the candidate  ineligible  for  advancement. Not be a selectee for appointment to limited duty officer (LDO) or warrant officer (WO) status. Have minimum TIR. Meet  physical  readiness/body  fat  standards. Be recommended by the CO. Additional   information   about   eligibility requirements for advancement are contained in the Advancement Manual, BUPERSINST 1430.16. More discussion   about   a   CO’s   recommendation   for advancement  responsibility  is  explained  in  the following   paragraphs. 9-2

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