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Page Title: Educational Programs and Navy Campus
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Brig Unit Staff Selection and Training
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Enlisted Education Advancement Program (EEAP)
FLAG OFFICER WRITER AND STAFF WRITER Flag Officer Writers are assigned to personal staffs of  flag  officers,  executive  level  activities  and,  in  some cases,  joint  or  foreign  officer  billets  to  assist  those officers  and  senior  level  civilians  with  administrative details so that they may devote a larger portion of their time to other more important matters. For additional information, refer to chapter 9 of the ENLTRANSMAN. PERSONNEL  EXCHANGE  PROGRAM This program provides the opportunity for U.S. Navy personnel to become an integrated part of the host country’s service. The  intent  of  the  program  is  to provide a better understanding and appreciation of our allies,  to  allow  foreign  nations  to  become  better acquainted with the United States through personal contact,  and  to  provide  an  interesting  foreign  duty assignment.  Additional  information  is  contained  in chapter 9 of the ENLTRANSMAN and The  U.S. Navy Personnel  Exchange  Program  (PEP),   OPNAVINST 5700.7. SUBMISSION OF REQUESTS FOR SPECIAL PROGRAMS To  request  assignment  to  any  special  program mentioned  in  this  TRAMAN  and  other  programs contained   in   chapter   9   of   the   ENLTRANSMAN, members  must  submit  an  Enlisted  Duty  Preferences, NAVPERS 1306/63, indicating the specific program and  area  of  preference.  An  Enlisted  Personnel  Action Request,  NAVPERS  1306/7,  should  also  be  submitted to  BUPERS,  using  the  cognizant  BUPERS,  via  the appropriate chain of command. Applications should arrive at BUPERS approximately 8 months before the member’s  PRD. All  members  requesting  assignment  to  one  of  the special programs must meet certain requirements as specified  in  chapter  9  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN  and other  pertinent  publications. EDUCATIONAL  PROGRAMS  AND NAVY CAMPUS This   section   discusses   various   educational programs available to enlisted personnel. In particular this section briefly discusses the Navy Campus and On-Base Navy Campus Program, Program for Afloat 9-17 College Education (PACE), Tuition Assistance (TA) Program, Navy Campus Certification/Degree Program, and  Service  Members  Opportunity  Colleges  Navy Associate Degree (SOCNAV) Program. This section also  discusses  the  Skill  Enhancement  Program,  Navy Campus High School Completion Program, National Apprenticeship  Program,  Defense  Activity  for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), and the  Enlisted  Education  Advancement  Program  (EEAP). NAVY CAMPUS AND ON-BASE NAVY CAMPUS The  Navy  Campus  is  the  Navy’s  voluntary educational program. Navy Campus Program guidance is contained in the Navy  Voluntary  Education  Programs (Navy  Campus),  OPNAVINST  1560.9.  Personnel should contact the nearest Navy Campus education specialist  or  their  ESO  to  participate  in  Navy  Campus. A range of courses or programs, from high school completion through college degree programs, are given by  civilian  colleges  and  universities  on  Navy installations.  Classes  are  provided  primarily  for  base personnel  and  their  adult  dependents. PROGRAM FOR AFLOAT COLLEGE EDUCATION Postsecondary   and   college   introductory   level courses are provided aboard ship by civilian colleges and universities under contract with the Navy. This is a fully funded program. Participants must, however, buy their own books. TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The TA program is the primary in-service support program that provides part of the cost of tuition for active duty personnel. TA provides financial assistance to  eligible  personnel  who  attend  approved  educational institutions on an off-duty basis to earn a high school diploma, vocational certificate, or a college degree. It is the policy of the CNO that TA be available to all active duty Navy members and other active duty armed forces personnel attached to Navy commands. Refer to  Navy  Voluntary  Education  Programs (Navy  Campus),   OPNAVINST  1560.9,  and   Navy Voluntary Education Programs, CNETINST 1560.3, for additional information and procedures on TA.

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