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Page Title: Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP)
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Medical Service Corps in-Service Procurement Program
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP) - 14214_261
and Administration of the Reserve [TAR] Program) who may seek appointment to CWO status via the Active Duty CWO Program or commissioned officer status via the Active Duty LDO Program . Warrant officers of the Regular Navy and Naval Reserve  on  active  duty  who  may  seek  appointment  to commissioned  officer  status  via  the  Active  Duty  LDO Program .  Enlisted  personnel  of  the  Naval  Reserve  on inactive duty who are assigned to a drilling unit and who may seek appointment to CWO status via the Inactive Duty CWO Program or commissioned officer status via the Inactive Duty LDO Program .   Warrant   officers   of   the   Naval   Reserve   on inactive duty who are assigned to a drilling unit and who may  seek  appointment  to  commissioned  officer  status via the Inactive Duty LDO Program .  Naval  reservists  on  temporary  active  duty (TEMAC)  and  naval  reservists  assigned  duties  as canvasser recruiters who may seek appointment to CWO   status   via   the   Inactive   Duty   CWO   or commissioned  status  via  the  Inactive  Duty  LDO Program Interested enlisted personnel should review the In-Service  Procurement  for  Appointment  Under  the Active  and  Inactive  Limited  Duty  Officer  and  Chief Warrant  Officer  Programs,  BUPERSINST  1131.1,  for required   submission   dates,   detailed   eligibility requirements,   obligations,   and   other   pertinent information. ENLISTED COMMISSIONING PROGRAM (ECP) The  ECP  is  a  full-time,  undergraduate  education program that provides an excellent opportunity for outstanding  active  duty  enlisted  personnel  in  the  Navy or Naval Reserve who have previous college credit (less than a baccalaureate degree) to earn a commission in the  URL  or  Civil  Engineer  Corps  (CEC).  Members who  already  have  their  baccalaureate  degrees  are  not considered for the ECP and should apply directly for admission  to  Officer  Candidate  School  (OCS)  under  the provisions of  U.S.  Naval  Reserve  Officer  Programs Open  to  Active  Duty  Naval  Enlisted  Personnel, OPNAVINST 1120.2. The ECP is divided into three categories-Basic   ECP,   which   includes   all   URL designators;  ECP  Nuclear  Option,  which  includes surface  and  subsurface;  and  ECP  CEC  Option,  where candidates  receive  CEC  appointments. ASSIGNMENT OF SELECTEES Selectees are ordered to an NROTC unit at a host university on a permanent change of station (PCS) basis. Basic ECP candidates attend the Naval Science Institute (NSI) en route to their host universities for an intensive 6 1/2-week academic and physical training program.  Nuclear  Option  and  CEC  Option  candidates do  not  attend  NSI  but  they  do  attend  OCS  after graduation. PAY AND ALLOWANCES FOR ECP STUDENTS ECP  students  receive  full  pay  and  allowances  for their  enlisted  paygrades  and  are  eligible  for advancement.  ECP  students  should  be  encouraged  to complete all advancement requirements for their next enlisted  paygrade  before  detaching  from  their  present command.  Entitlement  to  the  Selective  Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) is as specified in the  Enlisted Bonus and Special Duty Assignment Pay Programs,  OPNAVINST 1160.6. All special duty assignment pay ceases upon transfer  to  NSI  or  the  NROTC  host  university. TUITION, FEES, AND OTHER EXPENSES Under the ECP, all tuition, fees, books, and other expenses  incurred  while  participating  in  the  program are paid by the student. ECP students are not eligible for tuition assistance under the Navy Tuition Assistance Program specified in the Navy Voluntary Education Programs  (Navy  Campus),   OPNAVINST   1560.9. Eligible students may use the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) or the Montgomery GI Bill educational benefits. Questions about the use of the  GI  Bill  benefits  should  be  directed  to  the Department   of   Veterans   Affairs,   regional   office. Eligibility   requirements   for   VEAP   and   the Montgomery GI Bill educational benefits are specified in the  Federally   Legislated   Educational   Benefit Program, OPNAVINST 1780.3. DEADLINE  FOR  COMPLETING  DEGREE REQUIREMENTS Selectees   are   required   to   complete   degree requirements for nontechnical degrees in not more than 30  calendar  months.  Technical  degree  candidates  are required to complete degree requirements in not more than 36 calendar months. Selectees attend school on a full-time,  year-round  basis.  Nuclear  Option  selectees enrolling  in  an  established  5-year  degree  program  may 10-6

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