Quantcast Fleet Reserve and the Retired List

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Page Title: Fleet Reserve and the Retired List
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Figure 13-5.—Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Screening and Evaluation Record, NAVPERS 5510/3
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 13-6.—Authorization for Transfer to Fleet Reserve BUPERS Letter, and respective Statement of Service.
authorization. Look  at  figure  13-6,  which  shows  a sample BUPERS authorization letter and statement of service. This  authorization  may  also  be  given  by message. The Standard Transfer Order (STO), NAVCOMPT 536/NAVPERS  1326/11,  is  used  to  transfer  a  member to another activity for separation. The STO is prepared according to the guidelines contained in Chapter 23 of the Enlisted Transfer Manual, NAVPERS 15909. A  member  entitled  to  the  transportation  of dependents  and/or  household  goods  at  government expense is provided with an individual STO. This is done to avoid any difficulty with regard to establishing entitlement to the transportation of dependents and household goods. As the PN, you need to make sure that sufficient  copies  of  the  orders  are  provided  to  the member. To  obtain  the  appropriation  data,  or  what  is  most commonly referred to as the accounting data, you must refer  to  the  Financial   Management   Guide   for Permanent   Change   of   Station   Travel   (Military Personnel,  Navy),   BUPERSINST  7040.6.  Pay particular attention to article 3640476.8, which provides for the transfer of members to separation activities not more  than  7  days  plus  travel  time  before  date  of eligibility  for  separation. At  the  request  of  a  member  stationed  outside CONUS,  the  transferring  command  may  authorize separation processing at one of the major naval activities listed  in  article  3640476.4  of  the  MILPERSMAN  rather than  the  separation  activity  nearest  the  port  of debarkation. Commands  having  facilities  available  on  board  or in  the  vicinity  to  conduct  pre-separation  physicals should  conduct  such  physical  examinations  before transferring  personnel  to  separation  activities. Making  sure  that  all  requirements  have  been complied with before a member transfers for separation can’t  be  overemphasized.  Often,  separation  activities receive personnel whose records have not been verified or purged and appropriate service entries haven’t been made. Sometimes, the members haven’t been properly interviewed  before  they  transferred  for  separation.  As a responsible PN, you should do as much as you can to help the separation activity expedite the member’s separation.  Remember,  always  refer  to  the  appropriate manuals and/or instructions to make sure that no minor details  are  overlooked. 13-16 FLEET RESERVE AND THE RETIRED LIST The following paragraphs discuss transfer to the Fleet  Reserve  or  retirement.  Eligibility  for  transfer  to the   Fleet   Reserve   or   retirement   includes   the requirement  of  U.S.  citizenship  while  in  the  Fleet Reserve  or  retired  list,  creditable  service,  application procedures,  retirement  orders  and  authorizations, submission  of  application  for  voluntary  retirement,  and the  requirement  for  the  completion  of  the  Navy Retired/Retainer  Pay  Data  Form,  NAVCOMPT  Form 2272. TRANSFER TO THE FLEET RESERVE The  purpose  of  the  Fleet  Reserve  is  to  provide  an available reserve of former members of the Regular Navy and the Naval Reserve who may be used without further training to fill those billets requiring experienced personnel in the initial stage of mobilization during an emergency or in war. Enlisted members of the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve are eligible for transfer to the Fleet Reserve on completion of the required active service. REQUIREMENT OF UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP There are cases where members arc not required to hold U.S. citizenship or nationality to be eligible for transfer to the Fleet Reserve and for retainer pay. When members who are citizens of the United States lose their citizenship  or  acquire  foreign  citizenship  by  their voluntary   action   inconsistent   with   their   oath   of enlistment to bear true faith and allegiance to the United States and thus repugnant to their status as members of the U.S. Armed Forces, they may lose both membership in the Fleet Reserve and entitlement to retainer or retired pay. CREDITABLE SERVICE FOR TRANSFER TO THE FLEET RESERVE Provided that a member has completed 20 years creditable active service (active day-for-day service, including constructive service credit earned through 31 December   1977)   and   meets   all   other   applicable eligibility criteria outlined in article 3855180 of the MILPERSMAN,  transfer  to  the  Fleet  Reserve  maybe

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