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Page Title: How the Hologram Works
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Holographic Identification Cards
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Activities Responsible for Issuing Meal Passes
appears in two rows across the front of the card. There will be a minimum of five holograms on the front of each card, and some of the images may be slightly cut off on the sides of the card. Because of the hologram is transparent, the photograph and pertinent data on the ID card are not obstructed by the holographic image. HOW  THE  HOLOGRAM  WORKS The  holographic  image  is  embedded  in  the laminating material and bonds to the identification card during   the   lamination   process.   The   hologram   is extremely thin, making it difficult to remove or alter. It is easy to see on the ID card and will not require the use of additional equipment to view. The hologram can be viewed in normal lighting conditions found in office environments  or  in  sunlight.  To  view  the  hologram,  the ID card should be turned at a 90-degree vertical angle so that the side of the card is up as illustrated in figure 3-13. At this angle, the holographic image of the Great Seal of the United States layered over the letters “USA” becomes prominent. By titling the ID card slowly up and down, the different layers of the hologram can easily  be  seen. WHO RECEIVES THE NEW ID CARD The new ID card with the hologram will be issued to members of the Uniformed Services and their eligible family  members  as  the  old  ID  card  expires  or replacements  become  necessary.  Presently,  there  are two valid ID cards in circulation; the old paper ID card and  the  new  bar  coded,  machine-readable  ID  card without the hologram. These  two  versions  will  be replaced by attrition. The latest ID card containing the holographic image will be phased in. All versions of the  ID  card  will  remain  valid  until  they  expire  or replacements  become  necessary. Figure 3-13.—Viewing the hologram ID card. Figure 3-14.—Front section of an active duty holographic ID card. WHERE ARE THE NEW ID CARDS BEING ISSUED The new ID cards are being issued by all automated issuing sites around the world. All of the old cards are being replaced in an orderly and cost-effective method. Figure 3-14 shows a front section of an active duty holographic ID card. Figure 3-15 shows a PN using the holographic  equipment  and  accessing  the  DEERS database. Now let’s shift from military ID cards to another document you will process and issue as part of your PN duties  for  personnel  support—enlisted  meal  passes. MEAL PASSES FOR ENLISTED PERSONNEL Enlisted members on active duty who are entitled to eat meals at government expense in a general mess ashore should be issued a Meal Pass, NAVSUP Form 1105. Refer to figure 3-16, which shows you a sample blank meal pass. Meal passes are preserialized  when printed and are available in colors of white, blue, pink, green, salmon, and yellow. They should be issued and controlled under instructions contained in the  Food  Service  Management General Messes,  NAVSUP P-486, volume 1, and in the MILPERSMAN, Article 2640140. The possession of a  meal  pass  permits  the  holder  to  eat  meals  at government  expense  in  any  Navy  general  mess. Because it represents a cost to the government, a meal pass is an item of strict accountability. 3-24

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