Quantcast Humanitarian/Hardship Reassignments not Considered

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Page Title: Humanitarian/Hardship Reassignments not Considered
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Humanitarian Reassignment Requests
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Hardship Discharge Requests
Divorce, when the member has a final divorce decree  and  has  court-awarded  physical  custody of  the  children  and  needs  time  to  make arrangements for their permanent care NOTE: The service member must be able to comply   with   the  U.S.   Navy   Single Sponsor/Military  Couple  with  Dependent(s) Dependent Care Policy, OPNAVINST 1740.4. Severe illness (physical or mental), as a result of which the affected person has been hospitalized or is scheduled to be hospitalized These  are  just  a  few  examples  of  special circumstances. There may be other exceptions to the regulations  that  BUPERS  may  consider.  These exceptions are ultimately determined by BUPERS. HUMANITARIAN/HARDSHIP REASSIGNMENTS  NOT  CONSIDERED Now that you have read about some of the criteria and circumstances for which a member’s request for a humanitarian/hardship  reassignment  may  be  approved, let’s  look  at  some  examples  of  reasons  for  which  a member’s   request   would   not   be   approved. Humanitarian requests based only on the following reasons are not considered within the scope of chapter 18 of the ENLTRANSMAN and are not approved: For financial or business reasons (including the operation of a family business) For indebtedness For the sole reason of being a single parent NOTE: If  the  care  of  young  children  becomes a  problem,  the  possibility  exists  that  the  active duty person may be considered for a hardship or parenthood discharge. For  personal  convenience For  the  purpose  of  attending  to  or  assisting in-laws,   grandparents   (other   than   those individuals  acting  in loco parentis),  or  other persons not identified as immediate family For  the  purpose  of  children  being  in  school (exceptions  are  made  for  children  requiring specialized   education) For  part-time  employment  of  the  member  or employment  of  the  spouse Because the member has bought or owns a home Because of the member’s physical or mental condition Many  requests  submitted  to  BUPERS  are  not approved  because  the  reasons  in  the  requests  are  not sufficient or they do not show hardship. SUBMISSION OF REQUESTS Requests  for  humanitarian  reassignment  from  all enlisted personnel are addressed to BUPERS (PERS 40HH)  with  a  copy  (less  enclosures)  to  EPMAC. Requests  from  enlisted  training  and  administration  of reserve  (TAR)  personnel  must  be  sent  to  BUPERS (PERS 40HH) with a copy (less enclosures) NRPC. The  via  addressee  is  the  command  assisting  the  service member  in  submitting  the  request. A member’s request could very well be approved and  eventually  temporary  duty  for  humanitarian assignment  orders  could  be  issued.  The  following section   discusses   what   should   happen   when   the hardship is eased or ceases to exist before the expiration of the member’s temporary duty. REPORTING WHEN HARDSHIP IS EASED OR CEASES TO EXIST BEFORE EXPIRATION OF TEMPORARY DUTY When the hardship ceases to exist or has been eased before  completion  of  the  period  of  temporary  duty assigned, the activity where the member is assigned for the  temporary  duty  humanitarian  assignment  (TD HUMS) submits an availability report to the ACA that originally assigned the member to TD HUMS. As a PN, you may become involved in this process. You may be assigned to type the availability report on the member. To do this correctly, you must refer to chapter  20  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN. REASSIGNMENT OF MEMBER AT EXPIRATION OF TEMPORARY DUTY HUMANITARIAN ASSIGNMENT Members   on   TD   HUMS   are   considered   for reassignment   approximately   1   month   before   the scheduled  completion  of  their  temporary  assignment. The activity having members on board interview these members  6  weeks  before  their  respective  PRDs  to decide  if  the  hardship  has  been  resolved.  The  activity does this before submitting the availability report to the ACA  who  assigned  the  TD  HUMS. 3-13

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