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Page Title: Leave Policy
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Chapter XIV Leave Procedures
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Limitation on Earned Leave
activity that granted the separation leave or that is processing  his  or  her  separation. Refer to Article 3020250 of the MILPERSMAN for additional  information  concerning  separation  leave. Rest and recuperation leave.  Rest and Recuperation Leave (R&R) is granted in conjunction with rest and recuperation  programs  established  in  areas designated  for  imminent  danger  or  hostile  fire  pay, and  when  operational  military  considerations preclude the full execution of ordinary annual leave programs. R&R is not chargeable to the member’s leave  account;  however,  any  additional  leave granted   in   connection   with   authorized   R&R programs  is  chargeable  to  the  member’s  leave account. Refer to Article 3020400 of the MILPERSMAN for additional  information  concerning  Rest  and Recuperation  (R&R)  leave. Environmental  and  morale  leave.  Environmental   and Morale  Leave  (EML)  programs  are  established  at overseas installations where adverse environmental conditions  require  specific  arrangements  for  leave in  more  desirable  places  at  periodic  intervals. Environmental and morale leave programs involve space-available  travel  privileges.  The  leave  taken under   the   EML   program   is   ordinary   leave chargeable to the member’s account. Members,  regardless  of  their  accompanied  status, and/or  their  family  members  may  be  provided space-available   air   transportation   from   an   EML destination site. Note:  The  member’s  family  must  be  command sponsored  to  participate  in  the  EML  program.  In addition, participants may take no more than two EML trips  per  year.  Except  those  servicemembers  assigned to  dependent-restricted  areas,  EML  trips  for  the servicemember may not be taken within 6 months of the beginning or end of the member’s tour of duty at the eligible  location. Refer to Article 3020420 of the MILPERSMAN for additional information concerning EML. Emergency leave. Emergency leave is leave granted for a   person   or   family   emergency   requiring   the members presence. Emergency leave is chargeable to the member’s leave account. Refer to the following paragraphs which further discuss  emergency  leave  and  the  importance  of  being properly trained to process emergency leave papers when the need arises. Although servicemembers don’t like to think about going on emergency leave, it is an unfortunate reality at one time or another. Remember, even if you never face  a  situation  requiring  emergency  leave,  you  must always  be  prepared  to  assist  you  shipmate. As a PN, you must be familiar with emergency leave procedures, especially in those situations involving the actual  typing  of  temperory  additional  duty (TEMADD)-funded   orders   authorizing   emergency leave. Being able to process emergency leave orders, especially funded orders, is an important part of the PN’s job. Normally,  commands  hold  periodic  training sessions to help new personnel become familiar with emergency   leave   procedures   and   to   re-stress information  previously  learned.  During  these  training sessions,  the  instruction  should  identify  the  appropriate instructions   that   provide   guidance   on   preparing emergency leave orders. The training petty officer should  establish  and  maintain  a  folder  containing sample emergency leave orders and/or leave papers. This folder can be used during the training lectures to show individuals actual samples of emergency leave documents. These documents are an invaluable source reference.  In  the  office,  the  supervisor  should  require that personnel keep a sample of funded orders on disk When the need arises, the PN can bring these orders up on  the  computer  for  processing  and  modifying,  as needed. If an emergency were to occur and you or one of your shipmates needs to go home on emergency leave, you should know what has to be done. This is not the time  to  be  researching  information  on  what  to  do.  Be perpared  to  handle  such  situations  by  being  properly trained. If you are assigned as the training petty officer, you are responsible for holding the training and for making sure that all personnel in your office are properly trained  in  emergency  leave  procedures. Refer to Article 3020280 for the MILPERSMAN for  additional  information  concerning  emergency  leave. LEAVE POLICY Commanding officers (COs) or officers in charge (OICs)  may  grant  leave  and  liberty  to  officers  and enlisted personnel under their command or in their charge. Granting leave is subject to the limitations as set forth in Article 3020060 of the MILPERSMAN and 14-2

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