Quantcast Members and Former Members Entitled to Retired Pay

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Page Title: Members and Former Members Entitled to Retired Pay
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Members of the Naval Reserve on Inactive Duty
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
DD Form 1172
MEMBERS AND FORMER MEMBERS ENTITLED TO RETIRED PAY The   United   States   Uniformed   Service Identification Card, DD Form 2 (RET) is printed in blue  security-type  ink.  It  is  issued  to  assist  in identifying  the  bearer  as  a  retired  member  of  the uniformed services entitled to retired pay. It is not a pass. This card is the property of the United States and must be kept in the personal custody of the retired member  at  all  times.  It  must  be  surrendered  for identification  or  investigation  when  required  by  proper military authority. Refer to figure 3-10, which shows the front and back of an intentionally voided DD Form 2 (RET). The DD Form 2 (RET) is issued to members of the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve who are entitled to retired pay.  This  includes  those  on  the  Temporary  Disability Retired List (TDRL), members of the Fleet Reserve (FLTRES) entitled to retainer pay, and former members of  the  Naval  Reserve  entitled  to  retired  pay  under chapter 67 of 10 U.S.C. Figure  3-10.—United  States  Uniformed  Service  Identification Card, DD Form 2 (RET). Members retiring from active duty must surrender their active duty ID card as well as their dependents’ ID cards before they can receive a DD Form 2 (RET) and their  dependents  can  receive  dependent  ID  cards indicating the member’s change in status. DD Form 2 (RET) authorizes access to the Civilian Health and Medical   Program   of   the   Uniformed   Services (CHAMPUS). By law, active duty members are not entitled to CHAMPUS benefits. For this reason, the DD Form 2 (RET) may not be issued more than 90 days before  the  member’s  retirement  date.  Members  going on terminal and/or separation leave should receive a verified  DD  Form  1172,  with  an  effective  date  of retirement  for  their  dependents. The rules for handling and using this ID are similar to those for the other military IDs. The DD Form 2 (RET) may be photocopied when necessary to facilitate administrative  requirements,  such  as  admission  to medical facilities. The reproduction of this ID card for any other purpose, however, is prohibited. Any person willfully altering, damaging, lending, counterfeiting, issuing,  or  using  a  DD  Form  2  (RET)  in  any unauthorized manner is subject to the penalties under 18 U.S.C. 499, 506, or 701. Personnel who have been retired and require a replacement ID card for themselves or their eligible dependents must go to an ID card-issuing activity such as  a  PERSUPPDET  with  appropriate  documentation  to prove their status. Appropriate documents include the Certificate  of  Release  or  Discharge  from  Active  Duty, DD Form 214, the current mutilated ID card, and a valid driver’s  license. Additional   information   and   preparation instructions  concerning  ID  cards  for  members  and former members entitled to retired pay are contained in the  MILPERSMAN,  Article  4620250. DEPENDENTS OF ACTIVE DUTY AND RETIRED  MILITARY  PERSONNEL Just as active duty members or retired members are issued ID cards for identification purposes and to gain certain privileges, so are their dependents. Since some of  your  PN  duties  may  involve  issuing  ID  cards  to dependents,  you  must  know  the  proper  rules  and guidelines. DD Form 1173 Authorized  dependents  are  issued  the  Uniformed Services  Identification  and  Privilege  Card,  DD  Form 3-21

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