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Page Title: Officer Distribution Control Report
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Figure 7-11.—Sample Section 11 of the EDVR
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 7-12.—Sample Section 12 of the EDVR
SECTION 12 EDVR  section  12  (fig.  7-12)  is  a  report  of  all officer  and  enlisted  personnel  who  are  absent  on sailing,  embarked,  or  assigned  to  the  activity  for TAD to augment normal manning. EDVR section 12 also  contains  a  listing  of  units,  foreign  military, members of other services, and civilians embarked in a ship. Section 12 is updated from information submitted by the activity via DMRS transactions. Strict adherence to  the  verification  requirements  of  this  report  is essential.  Remember,  this  information  is  used  by personnel managers who need to be able to determine quickly   nonship’s   company   and   units   embarked, personnel assigned TAD to augment normal manning, and ship’s company personnel who are absent when ships or units get under way. MAINTENANCE OF THE EDVR You have read how the EDVR is a valuable asset to personnel managers at every activity. An up-to-date EDVR provides a single document with which activity personnel managers can discuss manning posture with placement authorities. But, the EDVR can be a valuable management tool only if it is maintained properly. For this reason, the EDVR should be updated daily. If you are the PN assigned to this job, make certain you post the changes as they occur. Daily posting not only helps to keep your command’s EDVR up to date but also substantially  reduces  the  time  you  and  other  personnel will  spend  in  the  monthly  verification  of  this  report. VERIFICATION OF THE EDVR Along  with  other  assigned  personnel  at  your command,  you  may  be  tasked  with  verifying  both  the EDVR  and  the  ODCR.  The  verification  of  these documents must be accomplished within the month your command receives them. Your command must then report  compliance  with  verification  requirements  and submit a memorandum (MEMO) transaction via the DMRS. CORRECTION  OF  INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE EDVR When you are in the process of making corrections to information contained in the EDVR, make sure you refer  to  the  MAPMIS  Decision  Logic  Table  contained in  section  15  of  the  Enlisted  Distribution  and Verification   Report   Users’   Manual   (EDVRMAN), Document  No.  1080#4  UM-01. As a PN, you will be expected to acquire a certain level  of  expertise  in  the  EDVR.  Be  aware  that  the information you have read in this chapter on the EDVR is  only  partial.  For  additional  information  you  should review  the  EDVRMAN.  If  you  need  additional  help  in understanding  the  EDVRMAN  or  the  information presented in this chapter, you should check with a senior PN. He or she will be glad to assist you and explain any information you may not understand OFFICER DISTRIBUTION CONTROL  REPORT BUPERS prepares an ODCR for each naval activity with officer billets authorized or officers on board in a temporary  duty  status.  Officer  billet  and  assignment information  in  the  ODCR  represents  the  computer  data bank input by the Chief of Naval Operation (CNO); BUPERS; Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)-Cleveland  Center,  Cleveland,  Ohio;  EPMAC; SDS; and various other sources. Figure 7-13 shows you a sample ODCR. Monthly,  BUPERS  prepares  the  ODCR  as  a statement of account for pertinent Navy activities. The ODCR provides each activity with a routine system for verifying information contained in the MAPMIS officer personnel data bank. It also provides BUPERS with information  needed  by  BUPERS  to  determine  and evaluate  officer  personnel  requirements. The validity of the ODCR information depends on the timely submission of accurate data to BUPERS through  the  DMRS,  SDS,  and  other  pertinent  reporting systems.   Each   activity   should   review   its   ODCR thoroughly  on  receipt  and  correct  all  discrepancies  by using  instructions  provided  in  enclosure  (2)  of the  Format   and   Procedures   for   Validating   the Officer  Distribution  Control  Report   (ODCR), BUPERSINST  1301.40. Two copies of the ODCR are distributed to your activity  monthly.  Commands  requiring  ODCRs  of  other activities should request them directly from the activity concerned. BUPERS distributes microfiche copies of appropriate  ODCRs  to  the  unit  level  via  the  type commanders. To  ensure  timely  receipt  of  the  ODCR,  each activity’s  current  activity  mailing  address  must  be  on file. If your command’s mailing address changes or needs   correction,   your   command   should   notify 7-16

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