Quantcast Other Important Information Concerning Good Conduct Medals

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Page Title: Other Important Information Concerning Good Conduct Medals
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Service Eligibility Requirements
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 5-34.—Good Conduct Award certificate
eligibility for the Good Conduct Medal begins on 1 July 1993.  Provided  the  member  meets  all  other  eligibility criteria  for  issuance  of  the  award,  this  individual  will receive the first Good Conduct Medal on 30 June 1997. You  can  determine  the  4  years  of  good  conduct  by subtracting  93  July  01  (930701)  from  97  June  30 (970630).  You  should  come  out  with  3  years,  11 months, and 29 days. You would then include 1 (day) as the inclusive date to the number 29 (days), which will make the number 29 + 1 = 30. So, now you have 3 years, 11 months, and 30 days, which equals 4 years. Try this computation and see if you can come out with the correct answer. CERTIFICATE AND SERVICE RECORD ENTRY REQUIRED A  NAVPERS  1650/1  certificate  is  shown  in  figure 5-34. This certificate must be prepared for each award earned by a member. As a PN, you may be tasked with typing the appropriate information on these certificates. The member’s rate, name, branch of service, and the number of the award must be centered in the appropriate spaces.    The ending date of the period of service for which the award was earned must be centered after “Awarded for service completed on.” The CO’s name, rank,  and  branch  of  service  must  be  typed  above Commanding Officer, and his or her signature affixed. A service record entry is also required in the Awards section  of  the  page  4. You should also record the issuance  of  a  Good  Conduct  Medal  in  the  Special Achievements  section  of  the  enlisted  performance evaluation report. ATTACHMENTS A bronze star, 3/16 inch in diameter, is worn on the suspension ribbon and bar to denote subsequent awards. OTHER  IMPORTANT  INFORMATION CONCERNING GOOD CONDUCT’ MEDALS For personnel who served in a first enlistment of 4 years  on  a  minority  enlistment  and  who  met  the eligibility  requirements  except  for  length  of  service,  the Good  Conduct  Medal  was  presented  3  months  before the eligibility date. In the event that the member failed to  fulfill  the  requirements  during  the  remaining  3 months of the eligibility period, the CO had the option to revoke the award. A member who fails to meet eligibility requirements for the Good Conduct Medal who reenlists or reports for active duty within 3 months after his or her discharge or release to inactive duty is considered to be serving under “continuous  active  service”  conditions.  While  the  time between the date of separation and date of return to active duty is not counted as an interruption of active service,  it  may  not  be  included  in  computing  time served. A member who reenlists or reports for active duty after 3 months must begin a new 4-year period on the date of reenlistment or reporting for active duty. An   enlisted   member   appointed   a   temporary commissioned   officer   is   entitled   to   include   such temporary  service  on  reverting  to  an  enlisted  status  for any  purpose  (including  for  discharge  to  accept appointment  as  a  permanent  officer).  Naval  Academy midshipmen  who  are  not  commissioned,  but  are retained in the service in an enlisted status, may include such midshipman service for the purpose of earning the Good  Conduct  Medal. Active service in a Reserve status credited toward the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal may not be credited for the Good Conduct Medal. When the requirements have been met, but it is evident that the individual is not deserving of this award due to a repeated record of valid letters of indebtedness, or other acts that are not in keeping with the high moral standards required of all Navy personnel, the CO must make appropriate recommendations to the Chief of Naval  Operations  (OP-09B33)  stating  the  reason. If  there  is  insufficient  evidence  in  a  member’s service record to determine eligibility for the Good Conduct Medal or subsequent award, a copy of the page 9  should  be  requested  from  CHNAVPERS  in  order  to complete  the  service  record  and  determine  the member’s eligibility for the award. SUMMARY You have just read about the importance of making sure  enlisted  service  records  are  maintained  properly, completely, and accurately. In this chapter, you read about the general form of the service record, the contents of  the  basic  enlisted  service  record,  and  which documents are filed on the left and right sides. You read about how each member’s service record is different and how some records will require more documents than others. You read about some of the areas of service record maintenance  in  which  you  will  be  involved,  including 5-63

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