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Page Title: Permanent Change of Station Allowances
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Reimbursement Rules for Privately-Owned Conveyance (POC) Travel
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Transportation of Unaccompanied Baggage
Temporary  storage  is  storage  authorized  in connection  with  a  shipment  of  HHG.  Temporary storage of HHG is cumulative; that is, items may be stored at origin point, in transit, at destination, or any combination of these. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION OF CHILDREN  OF  SERVICEMEMBER- MARRIED-TO-SERVICEMEMBER For travel and transportation purposes, children of servicemember-married-to-servicemember    parents may travel under either but not both parents’ PCS orders. The  entitlement  to  travel  and  transportation  allowance, DLA,  and  station  allowances  is  based  on  children accompanying  a  servicemember  parent  and  not  based on BAQ dependency. One parent may draw travel and transportation allowances on behalf of the children, DLA, and station allowance at the with dependent rate while the other parent draws BAQ at the with dependent rate on behalf of the same children. For   additional   information   concerning   PCS entitlement  policy,  refer  to  Article  6810100  of  the MILPERSMAN. CONSECUTIVE  OVERSEAS  TOURS LEAVE TRAVEL ENTITLEMENT POLICY Consecutive overseas tours (COT) leave travel is described   in   the   JFTR,   paragraph   U7200.   A servicemember  who  received  COT  leave  travel  cannot receive   any   incentive   under   the   Overseas   Tour Extension Incentive program for the same overseas tour. A  servicemember,  who  is  stationed  outside  CONUS and  whose  orders  meet  the  following  criteria  is  entitled to receive COT travel: . A COT at the same PDS involving two full DOD area tours . Make a PCS from one PDS outside CONUS to another PDS outside CONUS s Make a PCS to/froml one PDS outside CONUS from/to a ship expected to operate in an overseas area for a contemplated period of 1 year or more For  additional  information  concerning  consecutive overseas  tour  leave  travel  entitlement  policy,  refer  to Article  6810300  of  the  MILPERSMAN  and  JFTR U7200. CHANGE OF HOME PORT The change of home port of a ship, mobile unit, or afloat staff is a PCS (except for servicemember travel). The  CO  may  issue  a  change  of  home  port/PDS certificate.  You  should  refer  to  chapter  15  of  the ENLTRANSMAN   for   additional   information concerning  issuance  of  change  of  home  port/PDS certificates. PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION ALLOWANCES The information in this section provides a general description   of   the   PCS   travel   entitlements.   The application of entitlements depends on various factors and  circumstances  surrounding  the  PCS  travel  and  can be  difficult  to  apply  if  you,  the  PN,  are  not  totally familiar with the member’s individual travel situation. Specifically,  this  section  contains  a  discussion  on member  and  dependent  travel  and  transportation allowances,   transportation   and   storage   of   HHG, transportation    of    unaccompanied    baggage, transportation   of   POV,   mobile   home   allowance, dislocation allowance, temporary lodging expense, and temporary  lodging  allowance. MEMBER AND DEPENDENT TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION  ALLOWANCES When a member is required to travel in compliance with  orders,  the  government  either  furnishes  the transportation  or  reimburses  the  member  at  rates established  by  law  and  prescribed  in  the  JFTR. Generally,   members   may   select   the   mode   of transportation— for example, airplane, train, bus, or POC for travel between the old and new PDS and the method of reimbursement. However, in some instances a particular mode of travel may be directed for the member  (but  not  for  dependents). For computation of travel time when a directed mode is not used, you should refer to JFTR, paragraph U5160-E.  For  the  types  of  reimbursement  authorized for the member’s travel incident to a PCS, refer to JFTR, paragraph U5105; and for a member’s travel to the first PDS, refer to JFTR, paragraph U5108-D. TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS Members directed to make a PCS are entitled to transportation  of  HHG. The amount of weight the member is entitled to have shipped or stored depends 12-16

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