Quantcast Personnel Found Unsuitable for Overseas Assignment

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Page Title: Personnel Found Unsuitable for Overseas Assignment
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Selection of Personnel for Overseas Service
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Reassignment Due to Unsuitability - 14214_269
message of suitability or unsuitability after receipt of the completed  NAVPERS  1300/16,  and  make  the appropriate  service  record  entries. Although  the  CO  is  ultimately  responsible  for making   sure   that   the   following   actions   are accomplished, you, as a PN, will actually perform most of these functions yourself. The CO makes sure the following actions are taken: . Each individual and dependent being assigned overseas is screened within 30 days after receipt of the transfer directive. If delay is anticipated beyond the 30-day period, an interim message must be sent by the transferring  command  or  servicing  Personnel Support  Activity  Detachment  (PERSUPPDET)  to BUPERS (PERS 40 and PERS 462) explaining the delay and stating an estimated date of completion. Members cannot be transferred before satisfactorily completing  overseas  screening. .  A  command  review  is  conducted  according  to provisions of chapter 4 of the ENLTRANSMAN and the Suitability   Screening   for   Overseas   Assignment, OPNAVINST  1300.14,  to  determine  if  the  individual and  dependents,  if  applicable,  meet  the  eligibility requirements  for  overseas  assignment. .  During  the  command  review,  members  and family  members  are  briefed  on  dependent  entry requirements, traveling, and living conditions at the next duty station. For members that are assigned and have elected  an  unaccompanied  tour,  make  sure  the  member is familiar with article 6810105 of the  Naval  Military Personnel  Manual  (MILPERSMAN),   NAVPERS 15560,   concerning   command-sponsored   and noncommand-sponsored    dependents. Additional information   concerning   command   sponsorship   is discussed later in the chapter. .  Suitability/unsuitability  determination  is  based on  member/dependent(s)  medical  and  command reviews  and  any  other  reliable  information  from individuals,  such  as  the  chaplain,  family  advocacy representative, command financial specialist, and so forth. . The member has sufficient obligated service to complete  the  appropriate  accompanied/unaccompanied Department of Defense (DOD) area tour or that the member incurs sufficient obligated service to complete DOD area tour. Page 13 entries for obligated service are not authorized. l  The  appropriate  page member’s  service  record. 13 entries are made in the .   The   Report   of   Suitability   for   Overseas Assignment, NAVPERS 1300/16, is completed when the  member  and  dependents,  if  applicable,  are considered suitable in all respects for duty overseas, and before preparation of the Standard Transfer Order (STO).  After  the  appropriate  message  is  sent  to BUPERS and/or EPMAC, the report is filed in the member’s  service  record. In  the  next  section,  you  will  learn  the  procedures that must be complied with if personnel are found not suitable  for  overseas  assignment. PERSONNEL FOUND UNSUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS ASSIGNMENT If the transferring command’s CO does not consider an individual and/or his or her dependents suitable for overseas service, the following actions should be carried out  by  that  command: . Report such action within 30 days of receipt of orders  by  message  to  BUPERS  (PERS  40BB)  or EPMAC  for  nondesignated  Seamen,  Airmen,  and Firemen. Send an information copy to the receiving command indicating the nature of the disqualifying reason(s), to include steps taken to resolve problem(s), resulting in the CO’s non-endorsement of overseas assignment. Reports should be as complete as possible to permit equitable disposition. In all cases, hold orders in  abeyance  until  notified  by  BUPERS  (PERS  40BB)  or EPMAC concerning final determination. . Once a member has been successfully screened by   the   detaching   command,   for   any   subsequent information,  misconduct,  or  emergency  medical problems  that  make  the  member  unsuitable  (Occurring at the transferring command or at any intermediate activity  en  route  to  overseas  duty),  hold  orders  in abeyance   and   notify   BUPERS   or   EPMAC,   as appropriate. The CO must make sure the member and dependents  are  aware  of  their  responsibility  to  report any circumstances that may change their suitability status after being determined suitable for overseas assignment. WAIVERS OF SCREENING REQUIREMENTS While  strict  adherence  to  overseas  screening requirements  cannot  be  overemphasized,  BUPERS and/or  EPMAC,  as  appropriate,  can  grant  waivers  on  a case-by-case basis. Individual COs can best judge the qualifications and potential of each member. A CO may 11-6

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