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Page Title: Personnel Office Leave Procedures
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Limitation on Earned Leave
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 14-3.—Sample Leave Request/Authorization, NAVCOMPT Form 3065
Additional   information   concerning   leave accounting  is  contained  in  Article  3020160  of  the MILPERSMAN. PERSONNEL OFFICE LEAVE PROCEDURES As a PN working in a personnel office aboard ship or   at   a   Personnel   Support   Activity   Detachment (PERSUPPDET),  you  will  answer  many  questions asked  about  leave  and  leave  policy  procedures.  Many individuals will come to you with questions ranging from  simple  to  complex;  you  will  be  expected  to  provide correct  answers  and  the  proper  assistance.  In  this section, you will be introduced to information that will help you carry out those duties. DEFINITIONS Some  of  the  terms  you  need  to  know  when processing   leave   or   answering   servicemember’s questions about various types of leave are defined in this section. Leave control number (LCN).  A  10-position  number assigned  to  approved  leave  authorizations  to  assist in  controlling  and  monitoring  leave.  The  first through  fifth  positions  of  the  LCN  identify  a command’s  unit  identification  code  (UIC).  The sixth  through  the  tenth  positions  identify  the  leave sequence  number. Approved leave tickler file.  A file of all approved leave authorizations  (part  2s).  The  tickler  file  is maintained by the member’s command Leave authorization log. A record of all LCNs assigned. This log is maintained to ensure LCNs’ sequential assignment. Leave  tickler  file. A   file   maintained   by   the PERSUPPDET,  and/or  disbursing  office  of  all  leave authorizations  (part  3s  received). Co’s leave listing.    A monthly listing of all members assigned  to  each  UIC  and  their  current  leave balances. This listing is important because it helps reconcile records of leave previously granted. This listing is normally maintained in the personnel or administrative   office. LEAVE AND EARNINGS STATEMENT The  Leave  and  Earnings  Statement  (LES), NAVCOMPT  Form  2285,  is  the  source  document  that contains details of both the member’s pay and leave account. The LES is a printout of the member’s Master Military Pay Account (MMPA). The ID line of each LES contains identifying information such as name, social  security  number  (SSN),  paygrade,  and  years  of service. The   ID   line   also   contains   important information about the member’s leave account. As you read this section, refer to figure 14-2. There are six fields  on  the  LES  that  contain  information  on  a member’s  leave  account. BEG LV BAL. This is the beginning leave balance. It is the balance on a member’s leave account at the beginning of each fiscal year or 1 October. LV EARNED. This is the number of days leave earned during the current fiscal year through the current LES. LV USED. This is the number of days leave used during the current fiscal year through the current LES. END LV BAL. This is the ending leave balance. It is the balance of leave days currently on the member’s account at the ending date on the current LES. BAL TO EAOS. This is the leave balance to the expiration of active obligated service (EAOS). Based on current EAOS and current leave balance, this is the amount of leave one would have up to his or her EAOS. This is the sum amount of the current leave balance and the number of days yet to be earned. PAID LV. This represents the number of days leave the member has sold back to the government. You should  know  that  according  to  Article  2650180,  no Figure 14-2.—Sample leave entries contained on the LES. 14-4

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