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Page Title: Pre-Separation Interview
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Figure 13-3.óNavy Retention/Separation Questionnaire, OPNAV 1910/5
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Acknowledgement of Honorable Service
personnel who are being transferred for separation, this function is the responsibility of the last duty station, and not the activity to which the member is transferred for separation. Pay particular attention to the required reenlistment recommendation entry, and other entries that you should make on the  Administrative  Remarks, NAVPERS  1070/613,  page  13.  Sample  entries  are contained in addendum A, Separation and Reenlistment Index of the ENLTRANSMAN. You should refer to the MILPERSMAN. Make  sure  that  original  and  duplicate  pages required for mailing to the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS),  or  other  activities,  are  not  improperly retained  in  the  service  record.  Remove  misfiled  page’s and duplicate pages from the service record. In the case of reservists, do not remove original orders to active duty, annual training orders, disability and   mobilization   affidavits,   clothing   requisitions, certificates of clearance, and correspondence course completion  letters. If  the  member  is  the  subject  of  a  request  for  a Background Investigation that is still pending, your command  should  notify  the  Commanding  Officer, Naval  Criminal  Investigative  Service  Headquarters  of separation.  This  separation  includes  discharge  or transfer  to  inactive  Naval  Reserve.  The  foregoing  is  not applicable to pending National Agency Checks. You should  return  personal  documents  filed  for  safekeeping to the separatee. Refer  to  article  5030120  of  the MILPERSMAN. PRE-SEPARATION  INTERVIEW All   enlisted   personnel   being   processed   for separation   or   being   transferred   for   separation processing   must   be   interviewed   and   counseled concerning their reenlistment intentions. A record of the interview  must  be  entered  on  the  Administrative Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613 of the enlisted service record. Refer   to   Article   3640470   of   the MILPERSMAN  and  Addendum  A,  Separation  and Reenlistment  Index  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN. Additionally,  the  Project  Operation  Referral  Navy Form  may  be  filled  out  on  all  qualified  personnel recommended  for  reenlistment. Your  command’s career  counselor  should  have  these  forms.  Make  sure that the Navy veteran’s separation rate is included on the card. The  command  career  counselors  administer the  Navy Retention/Separation Questionnaire, OPNAV  1910/5  (fig.  13-3),  to  all  members  in  the required  separation  interview  before  transfer  for separation. The   administrative   officer   administers   the questionnaire to enlisted personnel in the absence of a command   career   counselor. The  PERSUPPDETs assume  responsibility  for  administering  questionnaires to  separating  personnel  transferred  for  separation  to activities  designated  in  Article  3640476  of  the MILPERSMAN.  The  questionnaires  should  be  mailed according   to   instructions   provided   in   the   Navy Retention/Separation  Questionnaire,  OPNAVINST 1040.8. CLASSIFIED  MATTER,  CLEARANCE TERMINATION, AND DEBRIEFING When military personnel are to be separated from active duty, all classified matter held by them must be turned in to the source from which received. In the case of members who have had access, the Security  Termination  Statement,   (OPNAV  5511/14  (fig. 13-4),  must  be  completed  by  members  before  transfer for separation. The original OPNAV 5511/14 is filed in the individual’s service record; and one copy is kept in the terminating command’s files and/or the transfer packet for a period of 2 years. Personnel security clearance documents and the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Screening and Evaluation  Record,   NAVPERS  5510/3  (fig.  13-5), should be left in “open” service records when members are transferred from one duty station to another and when they are released from active duty to inactive duty in the Naval Reserve. Such documents should be transferred to the “open” service  record  on  immediate  reenlistment  of  members according to article 5030140 of the MILPERSMAN. When  members  are  being  discharged  without immediate  reenlistment  on  board,  such  documents should be left in the “closed” service record. When  considered  appropriate  by  commanding officers,  personnel  will  be  given  an  oral  debriefing before separation from active military service or transfer for  separation  as  applicable. 13-13

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