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Page Title: Preparation/Distribution
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Figure 14-3.—Sample Leave Request/Authorization, NAVCOMPT Form 3065
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Summary - 14214_349
form. This form is used to request leave, serve as the leave  authorization  document,  and  report  ordinary leave, sick leave, graduation leave, and emergency leave when funded orders are not required. Preparation/Distribution Block  1,  and  blocks  3  through  22,  of  the NAVCOMPT  Form  3065,  are  completed  by  the  member requesting  leave.  When  leave  is  approved,  commands and/or departments assign the next LCN in block 2 and complete blocks 24 through 26. NOTE:  The  member  is  authorized  to  make comments   on   block   24   of   the   leave   request authorization,  if  so  desired. As soon as the LCN is assigned on the leave papers, part 3 should be sent to the disbursing office. In the disbursing office, part 3 is used as part of a tracking system that provides  checks and balances. NOTE:  Checks  and  balances  mean  that  both offices can check with each other. This helps avoid any problems  that  could  arise. When  a  member  departs  on  leave,  blocks  27a through 27c are signed by the command duty officer, his or  her  assistant,  or  the  member  according  to  local command policy. If the member is authorized to call in, he  or  she  must  record  the  time,  date,  and  person contacted. The member is provided part 1 of the leave authorization. He or she must keep this form in his or her  possession  for  the  duration  of  the  leave  period. Upon  the  member’s  return  from  leave,  blocks  28a through 28c of part 1 are completed indicating the hour and date of return plus the signature of the individual checking  in  the  member.  This  information  is  then transcribed onto part 2 of the leave request/authorization that is kept in the command/department leave file. Part 2 is then forwarded to the member after all applicable blocks have been completed and leave has been charged. To make sure that leave is charged, part 1 of the leave  request/authorization  must  be  sent  to  the PERSUPPDET and/or the personnel office. Part 1 is sent to the PERSUPPDET and/or personnel office so that an SDS event and/or a NAVCOMPT Form 3060 can be prepared to charge leave. After documents have been prepared and submitted charging the leave, part 1 becomes a retain file at the disbursing office and is used for  future  reference. 14-6 When members are in possession of a meal pass, the meal pass must be retrieved before they depart on leave. An entry such as the one shown in block 24 of figure 14-3 should be made on the leave authorization. After the member returns from leave, the meal pass should be returned to the member. When  an  extension  to  an  approved  leave request/authorization   is   granted,   commands/ departments must remove part 2 from the approved leave tickler file, annotate and highlight blocks 29a through 29c, make a copy of part 2, and forward it to the PERSUPPDET and/or the personnel office so that they may update the leave ticker file and notify the disbursing office. Before  personnel  depart  on  leave,  they  should  be reminded to make sure they turn in the part 1 as soon as they return from leave so that leave may be charged. If you are responsible for charging leave, make sure you charge leave on time. Review your leave tickler file daily. If personnel forget to return the part 1, give them a call and inquire as its whereabouts. If the part 1 has been lost, use the part 2 to charge them. Nevertheless, if you have not received the servicemember’s leave papers by the tenth day tier the expiration date of the leave, charge the entire amount of leave authorized on the leave request authorization. Be aware, however, that sometimes members do not take  the  whole  leave  period  authorized  on  their  leave papers. Sometimes members take more leave than was authorized and somehow you do not receive notification about  the  leave  extension.  In  these  cases,  you  should verify  the  number  of  days  leave  the  member  actually took with the member’s supervisor. Administrative Procedures To find the procedures for the administration of and accounting for leave, refer to  Leave  Authorization  and Reporting   Procedures,   Navy   Members   Only, SECNAVINST 7220.81. It provides the procedures for the administration of an accounting for leave taken by all  active  duty  Navy  members,  Regular  and  Reserve. Additional information on leave procedures is contained in  the  MILPERSMAN. PERSUPPDETS and personnel offices with SDS capability report all leave taken according to procedures contained  in  the  Source   Data   System   Procedures Manual (SDSPROMAN),  volume II.

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