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Page Title: Records Disposition Procedures
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Transfer and Disposition of Officer Service Records and Health Treatment Records
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Interservice Transfers
. For a Reserve officer recalled to active duty or assigned  to  active  duty  for  special  work  (ADSW), transfer the records with the officer or forward them to the activity that will process the member to active duty. .  For  a  Reserve  officer  assigned  to  active  duty training (ADT) over 29 days, transfer the records with the officer or forward them to the activity designated on the ADT orders. .  For  a  Reserve  officer  whose  inactive  duty training  orders  have  been  modified  for  a  new assignment, transfer the records to the new record custodian  for  the  unit  assigned. .  For  a  Reserve  officer  whose  inactive  duty training orders have been terminated and the member has  been  transferred  to  the  Individual  Ready  Reserve (IRR),  transfer  the  records  to  NAVRESPERSCEN, Code  401. l For a Reserve officer terminated from a drill unit with a further military obligation, transfer the records to  NAVRESPERSCEN,  Code  401. .  For  an  officer  transferred  to  the  Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL), transfer the records to NAVRESPERSCEN,  Code  401. . For an officer retired and retained in an active status, transfer the records with the officer or forward them to the next duty station. . For an officer in a prisoner of war or missing status, transfer the records to CHNAVPERS (PERS 663). Mark the mail envelope “POW/MIA - DO NOT OPEN IN MAILROOM.” RECORDS DISPOSITION PROCEDURES You must be able to prepare and forward closed officer service records. For the most part, you will deal with  the  closed  records  for  officers  separated  from  the Regular  Navy  or  Naval  Reserve.  This  category includes  any  officer  who  resigns  or  is  permanently discharged,  dismissed,  or  retired  with  no  further military obligation. Occasionally, you will deal with officer  service  records  that  have  been  closed  for  other reasons. In these cases, you must know the correct forwarding   procedures. Since  you  will  mostly  deal with  separations,  let’s  look  at  these  records  first. 6-15 Officers Separated From the Regular Navy or Naval  Reserve For officers separated from the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve, you will always send the closed service record   or   health   treatment   record   packet   to NAVRESPERSCEN,  Code  401. Before   forwarding   the   closed   service   record, however, remove the following documents and give them to the officer: .   The   original   officer   separation   orders   and endorsements l Copies 1 and 4 of the Certificate of Release or Discharge  from  Active  Duty,  DD  Form  214 l  Copy  of  the  History  of  Assignments,  NAVPERS 1070/605 l  The  original  Officer  Data  Card,  NAVPERS 1301/51 .  Documents  previously  forwarded  or  not essential to the officer’s permanent record according to the Document  Submission  Guidelines  for  the  Military Personnel  Records  System,  BUPERSINST   1070.27, including forms and correspondence maintained for local administrative purposes and of value to the officer On the right side of the folder, retain the following documents   in   sequence   with   the   first   document described  on  top: Copy   of   the   officer   separation   orders   and endorsements Copies 2 and 7 of the Certificate of Release or Discharge  from  Active  Duty,  DD  Form  214 The   original   History   of   Assignments, NAVPERS  1070/605 The   original   Administrative   Remarks, NAVPERS   1070/613 The original Security Termination Statement, OPNAV  5511/14 Duplicate  copy  from  the  health  treatment  record of the Report of Medical Examination, SF 88 (separation physical examination) Latest duplicate copy of the health record  Report  of  Medical  History,  SF Secure  the  service  record  and  health record  together  as  a  one-record  packet. treatment 93 treatment Mark  the

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