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Page Title: Section 6-11
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Figure 7-5.—Sample Section 5 of the EDVR
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 7-6.—Sample Section 6 of the EDVR
c l l BAs for M-day (mobilization and/or wartime) plus 1 month (M+1) Navy Manning Plan (NMP) Summary of members on board and projected on board  (POB) Each page of this report contains the title of the section   and   activity   information.   The   activity information  shown  is  the  unit  identification  code  (UIC), the activity name, and composite (sea, shore, and/or submarine). SECTION 6 Refer  to  figure  7-6,  which  shows  you  a  sample section 6 of the EDVR. EDVR section 6 is the DNEC Management section. The DNEC is a distribution tool used to match an individual’s NECs, as displayed in the Manpower and Personnel Management Information System  (MAPMIS)  Enlisted  Master  Record  (EMR),  to a command’s authorization for an NEC. Dual NEC requirements are treated as a single entity in the NEC accounting  procedure. SECTION 7 Refer  to  figure  7-7,  which  shows  you  a  sample section 7 of the EDVR. EDVR section 7 is a listing of NECs  by  rating  for  which  the  activity  has  billets authorized   and   reflects   the   totals   for   personnel distributed from the current month through 9 months in the  future. SECTION 8 Refer  to  figure  7-8,  which  shows  you  a  sample section  8  of  the  EDVR.  EDVR  section  8  lists  all personnel on board who have NECs. This file will show only the five NECs currently listed in the MAPMIS EMR  and  the  current  DNEC  assignments. SECTION 9 Refer  to  figure  7-9,  which  shows  you  a  sample section 9 of the EDVR. EDVR section 9 is mailed with the EDVR each month for every UIC that is in an active status. Section 9 lists the name, social security number (SSN), rank or rate, transaction code (TAC), change description, date of occurrence, and date-time group of each officer and enlisted transaction that was reported for  that  UIC  during  the  month.  Transactions  that contained  errors  may  not  be  listed  because  they  were rejected  for  research  by  EPMAC.) If   your   activity   is   charged   with   personnel accounting responsibility, section 9 will also contain a list of all date-time groups of the messages received by EPMAC during the month and any messages from the previous  month  that  were  received  after  that  month’s cut  date.  An  enlisted  cut  date  for  each  month  (for DMRS messages to arrive in EPMAC) is established before the EDVR is printed. Transactions submitted after each month’s cut date are not reflected until the next  EDVR. SECTION 10 Refer to figure 7-10, which shows you a sample section 10 of the EDVR. EDVR section 10 is in four parts and reflects the encoded duty preferences, as recorded  in  the  BUPERS  database.  Section  10  is intended strictly for verification purposes. It reflects duty preferences recorded within BUPERS and should be reviewed to verify that they are the duty preferences submitted  by  the  member.  A  new  Enlisted  Duty Preferences,  NAVPERS  1306/63,  should  be  submitted if the recorded duty preferences are incorrect or if new duty preferences are desired by the member. Not all activities  receive  this  section  every  month. Additionally,  this  section  is  mailed  only  when  BUPERS has   furnished   EPMAC   with   duty-preference information. SECTION 11 Refer to figure 7-11, section 11 of the EDVR. which shows you a sample EDVR section 11 displays security, citizenship, involuntary extension months, PEBDs, TIRs, advancement effective dates, and Force Management  (FORMAN)  status  and  action  date.  If  any portion  of  the  security  data  on  an  individual  changes from  the  previous  EDVR,  an  asterisk  will  appear immediately after the  grant date as a “flag” to verify the changed information. If any of the other items in this section  has  changed  from  the  previous  EDVR,  an asterisk appears immediately after the information that changed. EDVR section 11 is not distributed to activities under the SDS that have the capability to produce the monthly  EDVR  facsimile. 7-9

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