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Page Title: Selective Reenlistment Bonus
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Enlistment and Reenlistment Bonuses
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Dependents Dental Plan
Selective Reenlistment Bonus The selective reenlistment bonus (SRB) program is used to increase the number of reenlistments in ratings and  Navy  Enlisted  Classification  (NEC)  codes  having insufficient  retention.  Reviews  are  conducted  every  3 to 6 months to determine which ratings or NECs will be authorized  SRB. Award  levels  are  reduced  or eliminated as manning and/or retention improves in a rating  or  NEC.  In  this  way,  SRB  funds  are  made available for other ratings or NECs. Changes to the list of SRB eligible ratings or NECs and respective award levels  are  announced  by  a  Naval  Administrative (NAVADMIN) message that is normally released 30 days   before   the   effective   date   of   decreases   or terminations. GENERAL    ELIGIBILITY    CRITERIA.— Members must complete at least 21 continuous months (excluding  annual  training  [AT]  [formerly ACDUTRA]) but not more than 14 years of active naval service. The  21  months  need  not  be  completed immediately before the reenlistment or extension. Members also must be eligible to reenlist or extend for 3 or more years in the Regular Navy (USN  not USNR)   as   specified   in   Article   1040300   of   the MILPERSMAN. NOTE: An extension of enlistment for less than 3 years,  such  as  extensions  for  minimum  obligated service   (OBLISERV)   for   Department   of   Defense (DOD)  area  tours  and/or  advancement,  can  impact future  SRB  eligibility.  Your  commanding  officer  (CO) or his or her designated representative should counsel members  about  this  requirement. According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 1050150.9c, before the execution of an unconditional or  condition  extension  of  enlistment,  the  member must  be  made  aware  of  potential  loss  of  monetary benefits and the provisions of the SRB program. The following   Record   of   Administrative   Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613, page 13 entry is required: “I have had explained to me the provisions of  the  SRB  program  and  the  execution  of  this extension   of   enlistment   may   affect   my entitlement   to   monetary   benefits   for subsequent   reenlistment.” Also, as part of the general eligibility criteria, the members must not be entitled to nor have been paid readjustment,  severance,  or  separation  pay. SPECIFIC   ELIGIBILITY   FOR   ACTIVE DUTY   MEMBERS.—   In  addition  to  the  general criteria  mentioned  previously,  eligible  members  must be on active duty except AT. The SRB is not payable for a reenlistment in a Regular component following discharge  from  a  Reserve  component  during  or  at completion  of  AT. Members must be petty officers or E-3 designated strikers, and be qualified for and serving in an SRB rating or NEC, or be approved by Bureau of Naval Personnel  (BUPERS)  for  selective  conversion  and reenlistment (SCORE) or lateral conversion to an SRB eligible  rating. Members must also receive prior approval from BUPERS  (PERS  292)  before  signing  an  SRB qualifying  extension  and  receive  authorization  before reenlisting  or  before  the  extension  becomes  operative for  SRB. PRECERTIFICATION  PROCEDURES.—  The precertification   (PRECERT)   process   reduces   the number of incorrect SRB payments and recoupment actions. SRB reenlistment requests must be submitted in the exact format shown in the Enlisted Bonus and Special Duty Assignment Pay Programs,  OPNAVINST 1160.6, normally no earlier than 90 days before the desired  reenlistment  date. If  the  request  is  not submitted correctly, it will be rejected and must be resubmitted.  Requests  submitted  before  90  days  from reenlistment   must   include   justification   for   early submission. Changes to requests via message or phone call will not be accepted. A new message request (with new date-time group [DTG]) must be submitted. The new  message  automatically  cancels  the  previous request. Occasionally, a Navy veteran (NAVET) may not have his or her pay record information available at the Defense  Finance  and  Accounting  Service  (DFAS)  - Cleveland Center, Cleveland, Ohio. In this case, the SRB  reenlistment  normally  is  approved  with  an estimated  SRB  amount.  A  formatted  SRB  request  must be resubmitted upon the member’s arrival at the first PDS. DFAS  -  Cleveland  Center  compares  SRB  request data  with  Joint  Uniform  Military  Pay  System  (JUMPS) data and provides BUPERS (PERS 292) with the actual bonus  amount  payable.  After  receiving  authorization from  BUPERS  (PERS  292),  members  may  reenlist  or extend  for  SRB. The PRECERT process normally takes about 10 working days to complete. SRB requests received on 8-11

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