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Page Title: Senior Chief Petty Officers
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Table 2-1.—Enlisted Paygrades, Titles, and Abbreviations
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Rating Structure
PN  rating,  for  example,  a  Chief  Personnelman  would be abbreviated and referred to as a PNC. Senior Chief Petty Officers Senior chief petty officers (SCPOs) are individuals in the E-8 paygrade. They are the senior technical supervisors within a rating or occupational field. Their primary  responsibility  is  supervising  and  training enlisted  personnel.  Based  on  wide  ranges  of  experience and specialized training, SCPOs provide the command with  a  higher  level  of  technical  and  managerial expertise than would be expected from CPOs. In referring to a senior chief petty officer, use the abbreviation of the rating followed by the letters CS. In the  PN  rating,  for  example,  Senior  Chief  Personnelman would be abbreviated PNCS. Master Chief Petty Officers Master   chief   petty   officers   (MCPOs)   are individuals in the E-9 paygrade. They are the senior enlisted petty officers in the United States Navy. As such,  MCPOs  are  vested  with  special  command  trust and   confidence   extending   to   administrative   and managerial  functions  involving  enlisted  personnel. Based  on  experience,  proven  performance,  and technical knowledge necessary for advancement to the grade  of  MCPO,  individuals  of  that  rate  within  a command  hold  the  senior  enlisted  positions  and contribute to forming as well as implementing policy within their occupational fields. In referring to an MCPO of a particular rating, use the rating abbreviation followed by the letters  CM. You would  address  a  Master  Chief  Personnelman,  for example, as a PNCM. Command  Master  Chief Although the title command master chief does not reflect a paygrade higher than E-9, it identifies the MCPO who serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the command in formulating and implementing policies pertaining to the morale, welfare, use, and training of all  enlisted  personnel.  As  such,  the  command  master chief has direct access to the commanding officer. The command master chief is also responsible for carrying out established command policy in specific areas as directed  by  the  commanding  officer  and  the  executive officer. The command master chief takes precedence over all enlisted members within a command. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy On 1 March 1967, the Office of the Master Chief Petty  Officer  of  the  Navy  (MCPON)  was  formally established to provide a direct, unofficial channel of communication between enlisted personnel and the senior policy levels of the Department of the Navy (DON). During the official tour length of 4 years, the MCPO selected as MCPON serves as the Navy’s senior enlisted representative and advisor and carries out the following   functions: . Is assigned to the immediate staff of the Chief of Naval   Operations   (CNO)   as   the   senior   enlisted representative of the Navy and acts as the primary enlisted advisor to the CNO and the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) in all matters pertaining to both active duty and retired enlisted members and their dependents. . Serves in an advisory capacity on various boards pertaining to enlisted members that include (but are not limited to) the following positions: Chairman, CNO’s Master Chief Petty Officer Advisory Panel; National Naval Reserve Policy Board; Navy Uniform Board; Navy  Relief  Society  Board  of  Managers;  Master, Senior,  and  Chief  Petty  Officer  Selection  Boards; Quality Control Review Board; Navy Wives Club of America; Navy Resale System Advisory Board; Navy Mutual Aid Board of Directors; Navy Federal Credit Union Board of Directors; and Military Representative to  the  Defense  Advisory  Committee  on  Women  in  the Navy. s   Testifies   (when   called   upon)   before congressional  committees  and  subcommittees  and occasionally accompanies the CNO on official trips. (The  MCPON  travels  extensively  throughout  the Navy.) .  Is  responsible  for  recommendations  for  the development of effective leadership and training at all enlisted  levels  and  to  the  attainment  of  high  standards of conduct and general appearance within the enlisted community.  (The  MCPON  strives  to  maintain  and promote the chain of command and its associated chain of communications and is concerned with existing or potential situations, procedures, and practices that affect the use, morale, retention, career enhancement, organizational  effectiveness,  and  general  well-being  of the enlisted men and women of the Navy and their dependents.) After  being  selected,  the  MCPON  assumes  the official  duties. The  job  is  not  easy,  the  travel  is 2-4

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