Quantcast Separation of Enlisted Personnel

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Page Title: Separation of Enlisted Personnel
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Questions Concerning Service and Pay Status While on Inactive Duty
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 13-2.—Continued Health Care Benefit Program Application, CHCBP Form 7524
l  A  person  who  is  discharged  or  released  from active  duty,  whether  voluntarily  or  involuntarily,  under other than honorable conditions, and was entitled to medical  and  dental  care  under  a  military  health  care plan. .  A  person  who  is  not  eligible  for  any  benefits under CHAMPUS or Transitional Assistance Program (TAP). l A person who ceases to meet requirements for being considered an unmarried dependent child of a member or former member of the Uniformed Services. c A person who, on the day before ceasing to meet those  requirements,  was  covered  under  CHAMPUS  or TAP as a dependent of the member or former member. . A person who would not otherwise be eligible for any benefits under CHAMPUS. l A person who is an unremarried former spouse of  a  member  or  former  member  of  the  Uniformed Services. l A person who on the day before the date of the final  decree  of  divorce,  dissolution,  or  annulment  was covered  under  a  health  benefits  plan  under  CHAMPUS or TAP as a dependent of the member of former member. . A person who is not eligible for CHAMPUS as a former spouse of a member or former member. Enrollment Procedures To enroll in the CHCBP, an eligible individual must request  enrollment  via  an  application  or  letter  to  the following   address:    CHCBP  Administrator,  P.O.  Box 1608,  Rockville,  MD  20849-1608. Although beneficiaries have 60 days to enroll in the CHCBP, the period of coverage must begin on the day after entitlement to a military health care plan ends (including transitional health care) under TAP. The application must also include payment for the premium for the first quarter (3 months) coverage under the CHCBP. Applications  must  be  accompanied  by  proof  of eligibility,  such  as  the  Certificate  of  Release  or Discharge  from  Active  Duty  (DD  Form  214),  Defense Enrollment  Eligibility  Reporting  System  (DEERS),  or any  other  official  statement  of  service,  and/or  proof  of dependency  status. 13-10 What does CHCBP Cost? Premium rates are established by the Assistant Secretary  of  Defense  (Health  Affairs)  for  two  rate groups—individual and family. The rates are based on the  Federal  Employees  Health  Benefits  Program employee  and  agency  contributions  that  would  be required  for  a  comparable  health  benefits  plan,  plus  an administrative  fee.  The  premium  rates  may  be  updated annually and will be published when updated. The rates are also available from the CHCBP administrator. Members  discharged  or  released  from  active  duty or full-time National Guard duty must select their rate group at the time they enroll, either individual or family. After  enrollment,  beneficiaries  may  change  from  family to  individual  at  any  time  by  notifying  the  CHCBP administrator,  in  writing.   Changes  from  individual  to family may not be made. Premiums are to be paid quarterly by check or money order. Payment must be received no later than 30 days after the start of the quarter. Refer to the Continued Health Care Benefit Program application shown in figure 13-2. SEPARATION OF ENLISTED PERSONNEL Some aspects of separation can be complicated. Some areas that you, as the PN, need to be aware of and that  will  help  you  when  you  counsel  and  process personnel who are separating include the following: . Make sure you verify the enlisted service record for   completeness   and   accuracy.   This   must   be accomplished before the member separates and during the pre-separation interview. . Be aware of personnel who have had access to classified  material  and  debrief  them  prior  to  their departure. .  Be  aware  of  the  command’s  responsibility  to acknowledge a member’s valuable contributions to the United  States  Navy  before  the  member  departs. l Make sure you prepare the Standard Transfer Order   according   to   guidelines   contained   in   the ENLTRANSMAN. VERIFICATION OF SERVICE RECORD You should review the enlisted service record with the individual being separated for completeness and accuracy of all service record entries. In the case of

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