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Page Title: Source Data System
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Digital Computers
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Source Data System Benefits
even  to  a  different  document. Word  processing  is particularly useful for documents that are repetitive or that   require   a   lot   of   revisions,   such   as   letters, instructions, and notices. Use of a computer saves time and a lot of rekeying. Other features and software often available with a word  processing  software  package  include  spelling checkers, mailing list programs, document compilation programs, and communications programs. Spelling checker  software  helps  find  misspelled words  but  not  a  misused  real  word.  This  type  of software scans the text, matching each word against a dictionary of words.   If the word is not found in the dictionary,  the  system  flags  the  word.  You  check  it.  If it is a real word and spelled correctly, you can add it to the dictionary. If it is misspelled, you can correct it. You’ll still have to proofread the document to make sure that  everything  was  keyed  and  that  the  words  are  used correctly. Mailing  list  programs  software  lets  you  maintain name and address files. They often include a capability to  individualize  letters  and  reports  by  inserting  names, words,  or  phrases  to  personalize  them.  Generally,  word processing software has a merge feature that can be used for  creating  and  maintaining  names  and  addresses. Document  compilation  programs  are  useful  when you have standard paragraphs of information that you need  to  combine  in  different  ways  for  various  purposes. For  example,  you  may  be  answering  inquiries  or someone in your office maybe required to put together contracts or proposals. Once you select the standard paragraphs you want, you add variable information. This saves both keying and proofreading time. Communications software and hardware enable you to transmit and receive text on your microcomputer. Many organizations use this capability for electronic mail. In a matter of minutes you can enter and transmit a memorandum to other commands or to personnel in other   locations. You can transmit monthly reports, instructions,  notices,  or  any  documents  prepared  on  the microcomputer  via  a  modem. SOURCE DATA SYSTEM The following paragraphs contain a discussion of the source data system (SDS). In particular, SDS is defined  in  terms  of  its  operating  concepts,  the organization  structure  that  supports  SDS,  and  the organization  of  the  SDS  pertaining  to  event  processing, event  accounting,  security,  and  events  reported. SOURCE DATA SYSTEM SUPPORT OF FIELD PAY AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT The  Pay  and  Personnel  SDS  is  an  automated information system that provides the Pay and Personnel Administrative   Support   System   (PASS),   the Geographically Separated Site (GSS) offices ashore, and  the  personnel  and  disbursing  offices  afloat  direct assistance  in  the  performance  of  their  missions. Through  the  combination  of  data  processing  and communications  facilities,  SDS  supports  field  pay  and personnel  management  in  three  different  ways: 1. SDS helps the field prepare and send necessary data to headquarters (BUPERS, Washington, DC, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) - Cleveland  Center,  Cleveland,  Ohio)  in  a  reduced timeframe with increased accuracy. By sending data that affects individuals and their careers in a reduced timeframe, customer service is substantially increased. 2. SDS provides the field with an opportunity to receive   timely   feedback   from   BUPERS   and DFAS - Cleveland Center. 3.  SDS  provides  a  variety  of  data  storage  and retrieval  capabilities  to  support  the  local  information needs of the field offices and their customers. SDS  capabilities  have  had  a  tremendous  impact  on the  administrative/personnel/disbursing  offices’  ability to accomplish their jobs in a number of ways. . The SDS has improved the working environment at  Personnel  Support  Activity  Detachments (PERSUPPDETs)  by  removing  much  of  the  monotony from their jobs. l  SDS  enables  the  operator  or  user  to  recall  a document on a key video display terminal (KVDT) and correct  any  incorrect  information. . If you typed optical character recognition (OCR) documents  in  the  recent  past,  you  can  remember  how frustrating it was to have to retype them over and over when mistakes were made. This does not mean that when you use the SDS computer that mistakes are not made. Sure mistakes are made. Mistakes are made when  you  input  incorrect  information.  This  is, however,  a  system  that  allows  you  to  retrieve  and correct data much more rapidly. l  A  powerful  “inquiry”  system  allows  you,  the operator to look up information in a local data base 15-3

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